Unidentified Driver Trips

In every event where the driver forgets to login to an ELD (in vehicle device), a notification is sent to the Action Center in MyEROAD. Only a staff member with Unit Manager or Client Administrator permissions can assign a driver to an unidentified trip.

An Unidentified Driver Trip can be in one of the following statuses:

New - A new unidentified trip is identified by the ELD

Pending - A unidentified trip is assigned to a driver and awaiting the driver response from the ELD. If the driver,

- Accepts the trip, it is removed from the Action Center and becomes part of the driver's ELD records.
- Rejects the trip, the status changes to Reassign and a new driver can be assigned to the unidentified trip.

Reassign - The assigned driver rejected the unidentified trip as his/hers and the trip status changes in the Action Center to Reassign. The organization can reassign the unidentified trip to another driver. 

To resolve New or Reassign driver trips:

  1. Click Action Center Crop 2.0 on the MyEROAD upper red navigation bar to open the Action Center.
  2. If the left tab shows Unidentified Driver Trips are present, click the tab to open the list.
  3. Click a trip in the list.
  4. In the Assign Driver to Trip panel, click the down arrow next to Assign Driver and select from the list.
  5. Click in the Explanation/Note field to enter a comment regarding the unidentified trip.
  6. Click Save to save changes. This trip, now assigned, is in Pending status until accepted by the assigned driver.