Fuel Getting Started

EROAD’s fuel module allows you to manage fuel transactions and identify exceptions and irregularities in fuel consumptions and fill locations.

Fuel transactions can be uploaded to the system on the Ehubo or in MyEROAD:

  • Drivers can enter a fuel transaction on the Ehubo when filling up their vehicles (here is how). This information will be transmitted to MyEROAD in real time including the fill up location.
  • Administrators can upload fuel transactions in MyEROAD in real time or retrospectively:
    • by uploading a large number of fuel transactions from a CSV file including fuel card and bulk fuel data (here is how)
    • by uploading a single fuel transaction (here is how).

In order to keep track of your fuel transactions, view the Fuel Transaction Management Report.

To identify irregularities in your fuel records, view the Fuel Exception Report.