IFTA Using the IFTA Report

New information on your IFTA Fuel Reporting for Degraded Miles


Go to TAX > IFTA tab.

EROAD's IFTA report presents a complete summary of all distance and fuel data. The report automatically calculates your average fleet miles per gallon (MPG), displays distance for each jurisdiction and completes all necessary calculations.

Use the IFTA report to validate your organization mileage and fuel data, and download a CSV file to facilitate filing your quarterly IFTA fueld tax returns.

Customizing your Report View

The report dynamically changes as you modify the filter options to customize your fleet summaries directly on the IRP Application.  

  1. In MyEROAD, click Tax and select the IFTA tab.
  2. Select from the filter options in the upper right:

- Use the date picker arrows to navigate to previous reporting periods or select a date range from the calendar.
- If you have more than one IFTA license, select from the drop down.

Understanding Results

The IFTA tax tab mimics a generic IFTA return.  Although each jurisdiction publishes and administers its own quarterly IFTA return, all of the basic elements are present. The report meets all IFTA recordkeeping requirements.

Similar to Schedule A on an IFTA return, EROAD's IFTA report includes the summary with the miles per gallon (MPG) calculation per fuel type: 

- IFTA Miles
- Non-IFTA Miles
- Total Miles
- Total Gallons
- Average Fleet MPG

The elements of Schedule B include the jurisdiction details required to determine the net taxable gallons that are on every IFTA return.

- Fuel Type
- Total Miles
- Taxable Miles
- Taxable Gallons
- Tax Paid Gallons
- Net Taxable Gallons 

Downloading your Report


To Download, click the Tools menu (upper left), and select Export Data as CSV.  

The onscreen view is the format exported.  Simply change filter options to change the view and the CSV export format.