Importing fuel card data

EROAD currently integrates with payment solution provider Comdata and can import fuel data for Comdata MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card customers. Please ensure that the VIN for your vehicle is associated with your Comdata MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card. Your Comdata account manager will be able to help you with this. 


Please follow these instructions to set up import of Comdata MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card fuel data into MyEROAD:


1. Download a Third Party Authorization form.

2. Fill in and sign the form, and email a scanned copy to your Comdata account manager.

3. Once you have confirmation from Comdata, enter details in MyEROAD:

    • In Depot, go to Administration / My Organization.
    • In Third Party Identifier List, click Add.
    • In Type: Select COMDATA.
    • In Name: Enter the fuel provider name, e.g. Comdata.
    • In Identifier: Enter your organization’s Comdata Account Number.

      NOTE: Make sure the entry in Identifier matches your fuel provider’s records!

4. Click Save.

Once set up, fuel records will be processed over nightly, and will be available in MyEROAD the next day.

NOTE: In order to support accurate, reliable fuel reporting in MyEROAD, please advise Comdata when adding or removing vehicles to your fleet or when ordering a new fuel card.