Add Vehicles/Assets

* Only available to users with Client Administrator roles.

Client Administrators can retrieve an organization's vehicle information electronically from ODOT.  The information retrieved from ODOT automatically populates the vehicle details in MyEROAD, saving the need to manually enter information into the fields for the following information:

  • Base plate and Base state
  • Fuel type
  • vehicle make, model and year
  • Unit number
  • Vehicle type
  • VIN
  • Multiple configurations (with respective weights and numbers of axles) for Weight Mileage tax reporting

Once you have selected My Organization from the left hand menu in the Admin section, the My Organization section of the system will appear

  1. Click the Edit details link link
  2. Select the get complete fleet data box.  Selecting this box will update all vehicle information for this organization
  3. Click the update details button button to automatically retrieve vehicles information held by ODOT
  4. Your updated vehicles information can be viewed in the Vehicle/Asset section of MyEROAD


  • This function automatically runs on a daily basis, retrieving all vehicle information for an organization from ODOT at 11pm (PST).
  • Client Administrators can also elect to use this function at any time to retrieve information held by ODOT, instantly updating the MyEROAD.
  • All vehicles retrieved with configurations available, including vehicles without an EROAD product installed, can be added to the Weight Mileage Report.  
  • A record is created in the User Activity Log when this option is used.
  • In order for ODOT to release vehicle information to EROAD, the appropriate Power of Attorney form needs to be completed and submitted via EROAD.