IFTA Fuel Trip Records (FTR)

A Fuel Trip Record (FTR) combines all mileage and fuel information by vehicle and jurisdiction.  The IFTA solution automatically processes and determines IFTA exempt miles according to jurisdictional requirements.

The FTR lists one trip per row for the selected month. The end of a trip is defined by either a state line crossing event or the end of the day. The following details are displayed for each trip:

  • Day of trip
  • Jurisdiction
  • State
  • Fuel Type
  • Entry Point Distance (mi)
  • Exit Point Distance (mi)
  • Highways Travelled
  • Total Miles
  • IFTA Taxable Miles
  • IFTA Exempt Miles
  • Fuel Fill (gal)

 NOTE: When exporting the report, the CSV file will also include latitude and longitude coordinates of entry and exit points in decimal degrees (DD).


How to get there

The FTR can be accessed from:

  • IFTA Fleet Summary by clicking  FTR
  • Reports tab by clicking on IFTA Fuel Trip Records and selecting a vehicle


Viewing the report

To choose a reporting period:

  • Select from the filter option or a date range using the date picker or clicking bluarrow prev bluarrow next .


Viewing Details

To view detailed information on exempt miles:

  • Click on a trip’s IFTA Exempt Miles value.
    The IFTA Exempt Trip screen will be displayed.


To view detailed information on vehicle activity:

  • Click on a date in the Day of trip column.
    The Daily Activity screen for this day will be displayed.


To view the IFTA Fleet Summary report:

  • Click  spanner Tools / IFTA Fleet Summary.


To view the IFTA Report Overview screen:

  • Click spanner2 Tools / IFTA Report Overview.


Summary Information

The totals per vehicle and month at the bottom of the screen give you an overview of:

  • Total Miles
  • Total IFTA Taxable Miles
  • Total IFTA Exempt Miles
  • Total Non-IFTA Miles
  • Total Fuel Fill (gal)
  • Miles per Gallon (MPG)

NOTE: An MPG value outside of the normal range might indicate that not all the fuel information for the vehicle have been entered yet. Find detailed information on fuel transaction management here.


Exporting the report

To export the FTR as a CSV file:

  • Click  Tools / Export CSV.