Utilization Dashboard


The Utilization Dashboard provides information to maximise usage of fleet and auxiliary devices based on an operator's own utilization targets. Use this information to help balance the workload across the fleet and determine how and where to optimise the fleet's size. The Utilization Dashboard provides a graphical view of vehicle running time and distance, providing a clear view of which vehicles fall outside the optimum performance usage range and are potential targets for redeployment or disposal. The distance graph displays the total distance travelled by your fleet on a daily basis.

Vehicle utilization is measured by actual running hours vs. target running hours. Vehicles with percentages above acceptable levels might be indicative of the need for fleet expansion. Low utilization might be attributable to lack of need or could indicate the opportunity to move the vehicle to another fleet where it can be better utilized.

Benefits of Using this Report

  • Monitor Fleet Size - make informed decisions on when to divest, expand, or redeploy vehicles and assets for a profitable fleet
  • Improve Cost-to-Revenue Ratio - measuring distance over time supports fleet optimization to ensure only the necessary miles are travelled to deliver goods or services
  • Maximize Asset Utilization - compare engine running hours with auxiliary equipment usage to ensure assets are fully utilised 

Using Utilization Dashboard

Watch the video below to learn how to use the report.

Using Utilization Dashboard