API Developer Resources

EROAD APIs enable you to integrate valuable EROAD data into your transportation management, payroll or other business software for consistent and accurate reporting. 

The APIs and Partner Gateway are available for customers on the Premium plan. Our design approach provides an open, standards-based interface using REST architecture and provides an
easy and intuitive way of communicating with EROAD via the HTTP protocol. You can use GETPOSTPUT, and DELETE requests to access the API endpoints. 

Additional fees may apply to use of the EROAD APIs.

     Developers Our simplified API workflow makes it easy for you to get started integrating with EROAD.  Go to the EROAD Partner Gateway to integrate vehicle-specific data into the EROAD system.


The Fuel API enables you to import third-party fuel purchase transaction data to support fuel reporting with EROAD vehicle location and distance data.

API Library

The following table lists EROAD APIs along with their descriptions and types. You can view, interact, and export clients to work with our APIs on SwaggerHub.

Note: Ensure you're using the latest version available by clicking the version number and checking that the most recent version has been selected.



API  Description  Type 
Current Location  Provides current location information for vehicles. Allows you to retrieve the vehicle current status – including location, speed, distance readings, engine hours and I/O (auxiliary equipment PTO) activity.  JSON/XML
Vehicle and Fleet Vehicle and Fleet - Create, Read, Update, Delete. Keep vehicle list synchronized with Asset Management or TMS (Transport Management System).  JSON/XML
Driver Driver – Create, Read, Delete. Synchronise driver list with HR system or ERP. JSON/XML
Geofences  Geofence – Create, Read, Update, Delete. Synchronise sites of interest such as job sites with TMS. JSON/XML
Geofence Entry & Exit  Geofence entry and exit stream. Date and odo stamped events to help monitor vehicle activity into and out of customer, depot and other geofenced areas of interest. JSON/XML
Message Send messages to an Ehubo2 and monitor message status (Sent, Received). Supports sending message to a vehicle from TMS. JSON/XML
Partner Gateway Key value pairs can be sent from a third-party system (e.g., TMS) into MyEROAD for display against the vehicle in the Activity Tracking screen. JSON/XML
Fuel API Fuel transaction data per vehicle. Fuel providers can submit fuel transactions to the organisation’s MyEROAD in an agreed format. JSON/XML


API Integration Workflow


Obtain an API key from Administration > My Organization in MyEROAD for authentication. See API Key Setup for instructions. The key restricts customers to the data of organizations linked to the API. The API Key should be mentioned in the header of the request. 



View, interact, and export clients to work with our APIs on SwaggerHub.

Review the EROAD use cases to view and plan the data you can extract from the API.


EROAD API base paths:

New Zealand:          https://api.apac.eroad.com/v1
North America:       https://api.na.eroad.com/v1
Australia:                 https://api.au.eroad.com/v1


EROAD for API Assistance

If you need assistance with the REST API, please email support@eroad.com to connect with our dedicated support team.