Missing WMT configurations

The Missing Weight Mileage Configurations lists all journeys for your WMT vehicles in the last 3 months that do not have a WMT configuration assigned. From there you can drill down to access further details and quickly add configurations as required to support filing of accurate OR Weight-Mile reports.

To access your Action Center and set missing configurations:

  1. Click Action Center Crop 2.0 on the MyEROAD upper red navigation bar to open the Action Center.
  2. Click Missing WMT Config on the lefthand side.
    Journeys that do not have configurations assigned for the last three months will be listed, including journey details.
  3. Click on a journey.
    You will be navigated to the Daily Activity report that includes the journey.
  4. Set the configuration by clicking in the Config column and selecting your configuration from the dropdown. Find further details on how to update a configuration in the Daily Activity report here.
  5. Go back to the Action Center and repeat the steps above as required.


Action center WMT 1.0 hs