IFTA Exempt Miles

EROAD’s IFTA fuel tax automatically processes and determines IFTA exempt miles according to each jurisdictional requirement. IFTA exempt miles are automatically excluded from IFTA return calculations in IFTA reports.

The IFTA Exempt Trips highlights exempt trips for a specific vehicle and date.

  • Plate
  • distance
  • jurisdiction
  • Road Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Start and End Time and Location

Finding Vehicle Exempt Trips

Exempt trips are located in the FTR2 (Fuel Trip Records). You can use Reports > under Tax, click IFTA Fuel Trips Records, or, following your validation process when getting ready to file an IFTA return.

1. Go to REPORTS > under the Tax section, click IFTA Fleet Summary.

2. In the IFTA Fleet Summary report, you will notice the By Jurisdiction/Hide Details view opens by default.

- Under the IFTA Exempt (mi) heading, you can see if any vehicles have accrued exempt miles during the time period.
- If you have exempt miles, click By Vehicle / Show Details to display your list of IFTA-qualified vehicles.
- Scroll through the vehicle list to find a vehicle with exempt miles, and click the FTR link to go to its Fuel Trip Record.

3. In the Fuel Trip Record, scroll through the list of trips to find one with exempt miles. Click the mileage link in the Exempt miles column.

4. In IFTA Exempt Trips, you can see details of the trip. Use Tools to download the entire report into a CSV file, or return to the Fuel Trip Record.


Download the Report

spanner   Use the Tools menu to download a report, return to the Fuel Trip Record, or find online help.


To download, click the Tools menu (upper center), and select Export Data as CSV.

  To return to the previous Fuel Trip record, click Tools > Go to FTR Report.


DISCLAIMER: Although EROAD has made every effort to ensure that exemption rules for each jurisdiction are accurate, EROAD is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. It remains the carrier’s responsibility to validate all records with individual jurisdictions before filing an IFTA return.