Tracking Your Vehicles

One of the most useful tools in MyEROAD is the ability to monitor and track each vehicle. A dispatcher has the ability see the route a driver is using and what events are occurring during a trip. You are in contact with a driver through MyEROAD's messaging so you can send a driver to a new destination, abort a trip, help a driver avoid traffic issues by rerouting through a different area, or find a truckstop.

Locate a Vehicle on the Map

1. Click the Activity link and search for a vehicle. 

To search, from the vehicle list, enter a vehicle name in Search (useful for large fleets where many vehicles are listed on the map) and click in the vehicle name field; or click a vehicle name on the map.

The map automatically relocates to the vehicle location and opens a detail callout for the specific vehicle.






View map5


Track Today's Trip for each Vehicle

journey icon Click the Journey icon in a vehicle callout bubble to see today's trip activity. You can review the route to help the driver avoid traffic issues, send to additional locations, or determine if the current route is accurate and on schedule. 


 Follow Today's Activity Events for each Vehicle


Click the vehicle Activity tab located below the map at the bottom right of the screen.


Significant events are summarized for the vehicle, including, ignition on or off, geofence entry, or the vehicle's latest location. You can determine if the route is on schedule and notify customers in advance of any difficulties with their deliveries. 

For precise details between the ignition on and off events of the day's trip or to change trip weight configurations, go to the vehicle Daily Activity link. 



Click an event to highlight. The map centers the event on the screen and opens a callout with its details.



View Vehicle Details and Current Device Status


Click the vehicle Details tab located below the map at the bottom right of the screen.


Vehicle mileage and identification information, and the current in vehicle device identification and status messages can be viewed here. This section also contains links to Administrative functions for editing the vehicle details or Groups.