Special Trip Permits

The road use assement fee (RUAF) replaces the weight-mile tax for the loaded portion of non-divisible hauls, when the vehicle's combined weight is more than 98,000 pounds. A Variance Permit, called a Special Trip Permit (STP) is required and usually is valid for one or more trips within a 10 day period.

Adding an STP with more than one rate

If you have a STP with two or more weights you can enter the STP number followed by a letter e.g. STP123456 A and STP123456 B, and set different weights for each.

Editing STP Details

You can edit the specifics of a STP before, while or after you have assigned it to a trip. When you update the details of a STP any other trips that have used that STP number will also be updated.

Adding Unused Permits

Adding an unused permit allows you to add a permit which you did not use but need to include in the monthly RUAF report in order to pay Admin and/or County Fee.

You can add permits that you intend to use ahead of time. When a trip is configured to use that permit number it will use the permit details you have entered. This is useful for drivers using the mobile configuration change application to change the configurations during a trip.