Filing a RUAF report

Electronic Filing

Tax Users, Unit Managers and Client Administrators can electronically file WM reports in MyEROAD via EROAD’s secure ACH payment gateway.

To electronically file a RUAF Report:

  1. Go to Tax / RUAF Mileage tab.
  2. Select the reporting period.
  3. Verify that data displayed in the RUAF Mileage tab is complete and correct for the selected period.
  4. Click File Report.

    NOTE: File Report is only available if the reporting period has finished, a report for this period has not been filed yet and at least 50% of your fleet are equipped with Ehubos as required by ODOT in order to allow electronic filing (OAR 740-065-0010). Alternatively, see here for instructions on how to manually file a RUAF Report by generating the report as a PDF file.

  5. If a bank account has not been set up previously, fill in your organisation’s bank account details for ACH payments:

    NOTE: Only Client Administrators have the right to set up and edit bank account details for their organization. Please contact a Client Administrator within your business if no bank account has been set up previously.

    account details2

    Once entered, the account details will be securely stored in MyEROAD for future use when filing reports with ODOT. The bank account number will never be displayed in full, it will only ever appear in a masked format, e.g. xxxxx6789.

  6. Confirm details by clicking Next.

    AuthorizeRUAFPayment 1.0

  7. Initiate the filing of your report by clicking Authorize Payment.

    Once you have authorized the payment, you will receive an email to confirm that the filing of your report has been initiated. This is typically a 72 hours process. The filing of the report is successful once payment has cleared, you will receive confirmation by email.

    The filing of the report will fail if payment is rejected by your bank. You will be notified by email. Please rectify the issue and start the filing process again.

    The current status of the filing process will be displayed on your RUAF screen alongside a PDF copy of the report that has been filed.

    NOTE: Once a RUAF Report has been successfully filed, it cannot be electronically re-filed for the same period. To re-file a report, you have to generate a PDF, print, sign and submit it to ODOT. Find instructions here.


Generate PDF and Print

If you choose to file your report manually, you can generate your RUAF Reports in PDF format once the reporting period has finished.

To file a report, generate the report in PDF format, print and sign the report and submit it to ODOT along with your payment.

To generate a RUAF Report in PDF format and submit to ODOT:

  1. Go to TaxRUAF Mileage tab.
  2. Select the reporting period.
  3. Verify that data displayed in the RUAF screen is complete and correct for the selected period.
  4. Click Generate PDF or Generate New PDF.
  5. View the PDF by clicking the link to the report in the bottom right hand corner of the RUAF Mileage tab or view all generated reports by clicking View historical reports.
  6. Print, sign and submit this report to ODOT. Be sure to enclose payment.