Retrospective Activity Report

Retrospective Activity in Reports / Retrospective Activity enables you to quickly check in on past vehicle activity in any location.

It’s easy: Simply choose a location and time, and view vehicle activity. The report covers 2 hours (+/- 1 hour from selected time).

This report can help you to:

  • Determine whether a vehicle was active in or close to a selected area
  • Rule out vehicle activity at a selected location/time

2016 05 23 US Retro


To search for vehicle activity:

1. Zoom into an area of the map or enter full or partial address information in the Address Search box. Selecting a suggestion will place a marker on the location and centre it in the map view.

NOTE: You can also search for businesses, truck stops, service stations and other points of interest.

2. Select a drawing tool gf tool1 or gf tool2 and draw the area you would like to investigate. You can edit an area with gf editand Save, or delete it with gf delete and Save.

3. Select date and time.

4. Click View Activity.

   Vehicle activity in the selected area +/- 1 hour from the selected time will be listed and highlighted on the map. You can sort the list by Time and Speed.

5. Click on Daily Activity to view further details in the vehicle’s Daily Activity Report.