Resolving Degraded Distance

Degraded mode occurs when the Ehubo cannot validate the distance measurement with two or more sensors for a distance of 10 or more continuous miles.

The Ehubo continues to estimate distance in degraded mode with a high degree of accuracy, but because the Ehubo can no longer attest to the measurement, it notifies the driver and any MyEROAD users to maintain paper records for that period.

The notification appears as a blue triangle icon on the Activity screen of the corresponding vehicle; the icon disappears once the vehicle's Ehubo returns to trusted mode. Degraded mileage is displayed as a straight dotted line in the Daily Activity screen map.

All mileage driven in degraded mode needs to be allocated to the correct tax category (OR taxable, out-of-state, exempt, configuration) on the VTR screen before the Weight Mileage report can be filed.

Before Filing a Weight Mileage Report

You will not be able to file a Weight Mileage Report until you have allocated the exact number of degraded miles for each trip to a tax category in the Vehicle Trip Report screen. Any vehicle trip report with unallocated mileage is indicated by vtr-grid-degraded_ro.png in the Weight Mileage Report. Highlighted rows in the VTR indicate that degraded mileage is present.

If part of that degraded mileage has already been allocated, this is shown in the line immediately beneath the highlighted row, with degraded_trip.png in the far left column. The system will continue to indicate that there are remaining miles to be allocated.

To allocate degraded mileage:

  1. Go to VTR screen, for instance by clicking vtr-grid-degraded_ro.png in Weight Mileage Report screen.
  2. Click Allocate
    The Degraded Distance screen will appear.
  3. Fill in the data on the screen to allocate mileage to the correct tax category and configuration.

Once you have allocated all degraded mileage the highlighted row will disappear and you will be able to file your Weight Mileage report.

NOTE: You are able to reallocate degraded mileage.

NOTE: If you change a vehicle's plate during a reporting period, the vehicle will continue to display its original plate on the Weight-Mileage Report, RUAF Mileage Report and VTR for the duration of this reporting period. The new plate will be displayed in these reports from the next reporting period onward.