IFTA Validating Your Records

In the IFTA report, if you have incomplete fuel records or incorrect fuel entries after the reporting period, a message is displayed notifying you that Average Fleet MPG values are unusually high or low. This message is displayed for up to 1 month after the reporting period ends. You can then click through to vehicles with unusual MPG values, review their fuel records and amend them accordingly. 

US IFTA Overview2


Validate Average Fleet MPG values and Verify Vehicle Fuel Records

  1. Click Go to IFTA fleet summary report or a highlighted Average Fleet MPG value.
    You will be directed to the IFTA Fleet Summary report where MPG values per vehicle are listed. Make sure to select By Vehicle.

    IFTA fleet summary marked 1

  2. In order to view the fuel transactions a vehicle's MPG is based on, click the vehicle MPG value (hyperlink).
    You will be directed to the Fuel Transaction Management report that lists all fuel transactions recorded for this vehicle.

    fuel tx mgmt marked

  3. Review fuel transactions.

  4. In order to further investigate a transaction, click on Transaction Date/Time to access the Daily Activity report that includes details of this fuel transaction. 

    daily activity marked

  5. Correct or update records if required.