ELD Overview

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) module in Depot enables you to provide FMCSA auditable, compliant records over the previous six (6) months for each driver or vehicle in their fleet. You can use this data to view and analyze driver behavior, and download or email auditable, compliant log records to the FMCSA.


Setup ELD in Depot

Several steps are required in the Depot web application before your driver ELD in vehicle devices can be accurately operated. Before you begin, check with EROAD to be sure the ELD module has been added to your organization. Only staff with Client Administrator permissions in Depot can complete these functions.

Set up your organization for ELD

Set up drivers for ELD

EROAD ELD Go-Live Checklist - Complete all steps on the checklist

Edit Driver Logs

Recommend changes to driver log events.

Assign Unidentified Driver Trips

ActionCtrIcon2 The Action Center in Depot enables you to conveniently assign unidentified driver trips.

If a driver forgets to login to the ELD on a trip, the trip is considered an unidentified driver trip. The organization can send a request for a specific driver to verify and accept, or reject an unidentified trip to resolve the trip and update driver logs.


Use ELD Reports

Driver ELD logs can be reviewed from the Driver tab, and sent to Enforcement Partners. Vehicle ELD logs are accessed through the Administration menu.

Driver Logs

Vehicle Logs

Hours of Service violations can reviewed from Reports, in the Driver section:

HOS Violations Report

 Driver hours and miles travelled are captured in a CSV report if the EROAD ELD is operating in their vehicles. The Driver Timesheets can be accessed through Reports, in the Driver section:

 Driver Timesheets