Event Log

Event log2 Click the Activity link, Vehicle tab, and click to highlight a vehicle. The Event Log link is located next to Daily Activity link below the map if the vehicle has events.

The Event Log contains a detailed list of vehicle movements. In addition to all of the events in the Daily Activity Report, the Event Log includes the location of a vehicle at every 250m interval it travels, GPS Quality and cell signal strength at the time of the event. 

GPS Accuracy

You can see the percentage accuracy of the GPS for an event (where a GPS signal is available) is visible by hovering over the GPS bar chart in the GPS Quality column of the event log. The first number is the percentage, and the accuracy in meters is in brackets. In the example below, the event shows that the GPS had a 92% accuracy with a GPS drift of two (2) meters from the location of the unit.


Cell Signal Strength

The cell signal graph shows the cell signal at the time of capturing the event. In this case, the lower number is better. The number displayed when you hover over the graph is the decibels per second that the information is being sent. The less delay before the data was transferred (or latency), the lower the number. In the example below, the cell  signal is 65 decibels/second, and the latency is 1 second.

  cell signal2



 eventlogrefresh  The events in the Event Log are static and the data does not automatically refresh. You can manually refresh by clicking F5 or the Refresh icon located at the bottom of the page.
 Eventlogexport  Click Export to download an Excel file of the events you selected per your filtering options.


Paging is located at the center and bottom of the screen. A drop down list enables you to change the number of events you can view on one page ranging from 10 to 300 at a time.