WMT Getting Started

WMT Definition

An WMT (Weight-mileage Tax) fuel tax report is a quarterly report of distance travelled and gallons purchased in participating jurisdictions. The average fuel mileage is applied to the miles travelled to determine the tax liability to each jurisdiction. Any amount of fuel taxes or refund due is paid to or refunded by the base jurisdiction who issued the license. The jurisdictions are responsible for transferring the funds to the motor carriers accordingly

Using MyEROAD for WMT

Your IFTA recordkeeping obligations are automated in MyEROAD and assists with filing IFTA returns. During each reporting period, distance and fuel data is recorded, including IFTA exempt miles based on each jurisdiction's specific rules.

To access WMT:

In MyEROAD, click the TAX link, and the Weight-mileage tab. This report contains vehicle distance and fuel data required for your I return.

To understand the entire Weight-mileage process in MyEROAD:

Download the IFTA Workflow (pdf)