Viewing and Assigning Unidentified Trips

You can view the trip details including start and stop location, previous and next driver, logged in driver as well as any existing remarks. Use the information to evaluate the trip and then assign it to a driver.

Viewing Trip Details

Perform the following steps to see the Unidentified Trip Details.

  1. Click on the trip row to open the Unidentified Trip Details dialog box. 
    Trip row
    This displays the vehicle name, date of the trip, duration, map, from/to locations, and the previous/next scheduled driver.
  2. Click the [+] or [-] buttons to zoom in or out of the map.

 Unidentified Trip Dialog Box scrubbed

Note: Click the Assign button to assign the trip to a driver, as described in the next section, or click the Close Trip button to leave the trip unassigned with an explanation.

Assigning an Unidentified Trip

Up to 50 unidentified trips can be assigned to a driver. Perform the following steps to assign an unidentified trip to a driver.

  1. Click the Assign Assign button button in the Unidentified Trip Details dialog box. The Assign Trip dialog box displays for the selected vehicle. The Unidentified trip displays as an orange line on the log and it automatically selects the previous driver of the vehicle.
    You can assign the trip to (a) the previous driver, (b) to the next scheduled driver, or (c) select another driver. 
    Note: Field names with an asterisk (*) are required fields. Select a, b, or c in step 2.
  2. (a) Click in the Explanation/Note field under the Prevous Driver's name and enter a comment if you are assigning the unidentified trip to the previous driver.
    (b) Click the option button for the Next Driver, and enter a comment in the field below his/her name.
    (c) Click the option button beside Other to assign the trip to a different driver. 
         (1) Click in the Driver Name field and click the required name in the list. The driver's log displays on screen.
         (2) Click in the Explanation/Note field and enter a comment.
  3. Click the Assign Assign button button to complete the task and close the trip.

Note: The assigned trip is now in pending status and is routed to the driver, who can accept or reject the trip on the in-vehicle device. Drivers receive a prompt at login to review the pending edit, which they should process within their eight-day window on the device. No more than 50 pending trips can be sent to a driver for review.


Assign Trip Dialog Box scrubbed2


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