Driver tab

The Driver tab presents driver-centric information in a handy, uniform location.

It's paired with the Vehicle Tab on the left of the Desktop/tablet, or as a stand-alone screen on smaller mobile devices.


Driver tab search

  1. Enter the driver's name – in part, or whole – in the Search driver name field.
    • As you type, drivers names are shortlisted below the field.
  2. Click on Select groups, and check the groups relevant to your search.
    • Once checked, drivers in any checked group will be listed.
  3. When the targeted driver's name appears, click on it. The Driver's individual tab appears.

Driver details

Driver details vary with the driver, vehicle and task. Typical details include:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Speed
  • Hours of Service (North America)
  • Login time
  • Phone number
  • Driver Profile link
  • Vehicle details
  • Trailer details
  • Bill of Lading
  • Ruleset (North America)
  • Links to associated screens