Entering a Completed Unscheduled Service

You can enter an unscheduled or one-off service to capture other costs or maintenance items and ensure that your Service records are complete.

To enter a completed unscheduled service:

  1. In the Service tab on the left-hand side, click on the vehicle.

  2. On the right hand side in the Completed tab, click on Add One-Off Completed Service.
    The Complete A One-Off Service screen will appear.

  3. Enter any information you wish (this information will be used in reporting):

    Check / enter the Service completion date by clicking on the DATE box and selecting the date.
    Check / enter the distance that the service was completed at (if available) in ODOMETER or DISTANCE READING.
    Check / enter the engine hours that the service was completed at (if available) in ENGINE HOURS.
    Select the Supplier who completed the service in SUPPLIER or select Manage Supplier List to add a new supplier. Find detailed information on managing suppliers here.
    Enter the invoice number related to the service in INVOICE NUMBER.
    Enter the cost of the service in COST.
    Enter any notes you may want to record in the NOTES text box.
    Attach invoices, receipts, photos and other files that relate to the Service by using the drag and drop box (maximum file size: 10MB).
    View outstanding tasks recorded for the vehicle in OUTSTANDING TASKS. Tick tasks that have been performed during the Service.
    Tick any details you wish to record under SERVICE DETAILS. This will support reporting and finding service information in the future.

  4. Click COMPLETE
    The service details will be saved. The Service will appear on the Completed tab against the vehicle and in reporting.