Setup & Training

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We want your drivers and staff to get a headstart with our ELD Driver and MyEROAD training (PDF format) presentations and videos. 

Essential Driver

DT1 EROAD Driver Training - Getting Started

DT2 EROAD Driver Training - Using the ELD

DT3 EROAD Driver Training - Managing Roadside Inspections

DT4 EROAD Driver Training - Resolving Data Issues and Malfunctions

Using the Oilfield Exemption on the In-Vehicle Device

Driver Portal Training


Presentación en español de capacitación para conductores de ELD

DT1 EROAD Capacitación para Conductores - Introducción

DT2 EROAD Capacitación para Conductores – Cómo usar el ELD de EROAD

DT3 EROAD Capacitación para Conductores – Cómo manejar las inspecciones

DT4 EROAD Capacitación para Conductores - Resolución de problemas de datos y de funcionamiento

Videos en español de capacitación para conductores de ELD


Учебные презентации по ELD для водителей 

DT1 EROAD Обучениеводителей — Приступая к работе

DT2 EROAD Обучениеводителей — Использование EROAD ELD

DT3 EROAD Обучениеводителей — Управлениепроверкаминапридорожныхпостах

DT4 EROAD Обучениеводителей — Устранениепроблем с данными и неисправностей

Видеоматериалы EROAD ELD на русском языке

Essential MyEROAD

S1 MyEROAD Overview

S2 MyEROAD Setup - Add a New User

S3 MyEROAD Setup - Edit Organizational Details

S4 MyEROAD Setup - Create and Manage Groups

S5 MyEROAD Setup - Add a Vehicle

S6 MyEROAD Setup - Add a Driver

S7 MyEROAD Setup - Assign an Ehubo to a Vehicle

S8 MyEROAD Setup - Set Weight Configurations (OR WMT Only)

S9 MyEROAD Setup - Create a Geofence

S10 MyEROAD Setup - Manage Features

MyEROAD Inspect Training

Enabling the Oilfield Exemption in MyEROAD



Drive Screen Counters Update 02.11.22

Enabling Rulesets and Exemptions

Driver Checklist

ELD User Manual (Online version

ELD User Manual Revisions (In effect Sep 29 2020)

DVIR Addendum to the  ELD User Manual
 Online version

ELD New Rules: Adverse Conditions 30-minute Rest Break

ELD New Rules: Short Haul

ELD New Rules: Split Sleeper Berth

Dashcam Quickstart Guide

Ehubo Installation Guide

Activating Florida Intrastate

Activating Oregon Intrastate

Activating California Intrastate