Activity Overview

Activity is the main screen to get an immediate geographical overview of your fleet and assets.

 Activity US02

Activity - Geofences view

Vehicle tab

The Vehicles and Drivers tabs give a quick overview of the fleet. Both have similar search and filter fields to conditionally limit and target results.

A list of vehicles within the fleet, locations, vehicle on/off state and last date of status

Selecting a vehicle locates it on the map and shows more vehicle details, trip history and ETA, based on an entered destination.

From the Activity/Map page, select a vehicle (either by clicking on it on the map 05 in transit 06 stopped), or using the vehicle search tools). The vehicle's tab will appear, with the vehicle middle of the map.

Select the ETA tab.
Choose a location.
EITHER: Tap Choose location on map (bottom of the ETA tab). A positioning icon will appear: 07 ETA pointer
Move the map so that the destination pointer appears over your destination.

Tap Select Location (map-bottom).

OR: Enter a street address in the Enter destination field, top of the ETA tab.
Several things happen:
ETA draws a recommended route.

The ETA tab shows the estimated drive time, the route distance, and the arrival time.

The arrival time continues to update live, while in the ETA tab.

Drive times are based on the distance, posted speed limits per road, live traffic conditions and vehicle weight type (light/heavy).

The vehicle's actual weight/tare is not taken into account.

The vehicle details panel also contains links to dedicated vehicle management functions.

Map layers

Tap 09 mapLayersin mobile view or the map thumbnail in desktop view to select a number of map underlays, with different overlay options.


  • Default: Soft geographical detail; strong road representation
  • Terrain: Sharp geographical detail; strong road representation
  • Satellite: Photographic geographical detail; false colour main road representation


  • Truck: Highlights truck details such as tare weight tolerances and clearance restrictions
  • Traffic: Outlines main routes depending on zoom level.
  • Clusters: Numbers vehicles in close proximity in large blue dots, depending on zoom level.

Driver tab

  • Drivers:
    • The fleet's drivers, along with their location (if known, based on last logon data), and last activity timestamp.
    • Selecting locates a driver on the map and shows more driver details.
    • The Drivers details panel also contains links to dedicated driver management functions.

Geofences tab

 Geofences US02

(Requires Client AdministratorGeofence User role)

Allows the quick view, creation and editing of geofences.

The left panel lists the geofences created. Each geofence name also comes with a 'human-readable address', based on the geofence's calculated middle and the nearest map data address.

Selecting the Draw button and closing an area opens the Geofence details screen for editing.

For detailed instructions, as well as seeing all geofences to manage them in bulk, see Managing Geofences.

Fleet Map

The Fleet Map allows users to:

  • display up to10,000 items (up to 1000 un-clustered assets, or 10000 clustered)
  • Toggle clustering and route information overlays

On a mobile device, your first view may be LIST, listing vehicles in your fleet.

  • Tap a vehicle to get more vehicle details.
  • Tap in the Search field to enter a vehicle name or license plate of a targeted vehicle.
  • If you have assigned your vehicles into groups, tap Select groups to cut down your listed vehicles.
  • Tap Filter to list only vehicles with certain criteria.
  • To switch to Map view, tap MAP.

Fleet Map features:

  • Clusters: These big blue circles are vehicles in close proximity. As you zoom in, Clusters will split into smaller clusters, eventually resolving into individual vehicles at extreme zoom levels.
    • Tap a cluster to zoom into it until it makes its first split.
  • Stopped Vehicles: These appear as red dots with a white square. These are the last reported locations of these vehicles.
  • En Route Vehicles: These appear as green dots with a white arrow, pointing in the general direction of travel.
    • Tap an individual vehicle to present vehicle details.