Activity Overview

The Activity screen contains a map with trip activity in progress or most recently completed by vehicles associated with your organization. You can view the exact location of each vehicle, and each event that occurred during the trip, including time, distance, type of event, and location of the event.

By default, when you click the Activity link, the map view displays the vehicles listed on the left. The activity is refreshed approximately every 90 seconds but you can manually refresh the system by pressing F5 on your keyboard. See Related Info for additional topics.

Only vehicles and drivers that were added into MyEROAD are displayed. A Client Administrator in your organization can add add or revise vehicle or driver information in MyEROAD.



The Activity Page

Upper left tabs on the Activity page enable you to work with trips, vehicles drivers and Geofences. 



Lower right tabs below the map enable you to view vehicle or driver details, trip events, and messages.

The Daily Activity and Event Log, if applicable, display for vehicle events.