Driver Menu Overview

 Driver information and access settings are available from the Driver page. You must add drivers into MyEROAD to fully utilize driver-centric reports or use ELD. Only staff with Unit Manager or Client Administrator roles can add or manage driver profiles or recommend log edits.

You can access the Driver page in MyEROAD from two locations:

1. Click the Driver menu in the red MyEROAD menu bar. 
2. Click the Settings new cogwheel14 icon, then click Administration, and select the Driver sub menu. 

 US Depot Menu Bar

Use the following links to help you work with drivers in MyEROAD:

Add, modify or delete drivers in MyEROAD (Driver Profiles)

Edit driver ELD Logs

Group your drivers

Using driver reports


Driver Page

Use to enter driver details including alias, driving license numbers, PIN numbers for logging into ELD, providing access to ELD or other driver applications.


The left side of the Driver page lists your drivers. Hover your mouse over a driver name and left-click to open that driver profile on the right panel. For large organizations, you may have many pages to scroll through. Visibility of drivers is based on Group access. If you can’t see your drivers, a MyEROAD Client Administrator in your organization can give you access. 

Add Drivers

You can add an individual driver by clicking the Add Driver Add Driver button button, entering in the details, and clicking Add. See Driver Profile for details. 

If you are initially setting up your fleet or managing large numbers of drivers you can import and export can import and export driver details in bulk from an Excel or CSV file.

View or Search Options

  Search field Enter in the field any criteria available in the header: name, alias, license ID number or mobile phone numbers. 
  Header Name Click any header in the table to change the list order (alphabetical or numerical - high to low or low to high). Changing the order of the PIN or Notifications headers enables you to see at a glance the drivers without PIN numbers, or those with active notifications that require action.
  Rows Located below the driver list, a Row menu enables you to select the number of drivers you can view on one page.
  Paging Located below the driver list, paging arrows enable you to jump from the beginning to the last page and return.


Notifications / Recent Log Edits / Reports

The right side of the Driver page, by default, opens to a panel with action items for Notifications / Recent Log Edits / Reports. If a driver profile or log page is open, click the X on the top right of the driver panel to close and you can see the Notifications panel again. 


  Notifications Displays and links important pending driver renewal requirements (e.g., driver license, medical).
  Recent Log Edits Displays and links to driver responses to staff log edits in MyEROAD.
  Reports Displays and links to driver-related reports.

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Additional Resources

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