Off-Highway Fuel Usage Report

The Off Highway Fuel Usage Report in Reports / Off Highway Fuel Usage displays your fleet’s off highway data per jurisdiction and vehicle, and provides a wide range of filtering options to support record keeping requirements and to maximize any available refund claims across jurisdictions.  


What’s in the report?

The Off Highway Fuel Usage Report presents your fleet’s off highway data per vehicle and jurisdiction, and provides a wide range of filtering options to support requirements of varying, jurisdictional claim processes.


NOTE: Only vehicles and those jurisdictions with off highway data are displayed in this report. For a complete overview of your fleet's travel, please refer to the Mileage Summary Report.


2016 07 15 NA Off Highway Fuel Usage Report


By default, the report lists

  • Fuel Type
  • Total Distance
  • Highway distance
  • Off Highway distance
  • Average vehicle MPG
  • Off Highway fuel used in Gallons

per jurisdiction (Hide Details).

By clicking Show Details, you can view data by vehicle and jurisdiction.


How to use the report?

Choose a reporting period and select the vehicles you would like to report on.

To choose the reporting period:

  1. Select time period:
    - Daily
    - Weekly
    - Monthly
    - Quarterly
    - Yearly
    - Custom date range
  2. Select a date range.

To choose vehicles to include in the report:

  1. Select Vehicles:
    - All Vehicles
    - All IFTA Vehicles
    - Exclude IFTA Vehicles
    - Select fleet
    - Select specific vehicles
  2. Select Jurisdiction:
    - All Jurisdictions
    - Specific jurisdiction in United States, Mexico or Canada
  3. Select Off Highway Areas:
    - All Off Highway Areas
    - Private Road
    - Off Road
    - Toll Road
    - Construction Site
    - Forestry Road


How to access further details?

To access a vehicle’s Daily Activity report:

  1. Click a vehicle in the Vehicle column.
    Daily Activity will open providing details and map view of the vehicle’s activity per day. Find further information here.

To access details and map view of individual off-highway trips:

  1. Click a value in Off Highway (mi) column.
    Off Highway Trip Details will open, where individual off-highway trips will be listed and can be viewed on a map. Find further information here.


How to export the report?

You can download the report in CSV format, and then print or process for further use.

To export the report:

  1. Click spanner9 Tools / Export data as CSV.
    The report will be downloaded in your browser.


DISCLAIMER: Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules (and exemptions) for claiming off highway fuel usage. EROAD suggests that the customer reviews the rules for claiming off road refunds with the relevant State organization prior to filing for any refund. EROAD’s Off Highway Fuel Usage Report displays, for each jurisdiction that customer’s vehicles travelled in, the total distance travelled as calculated by EROAD’s in-vehicle EHUBO telematics product. EROAD relies on data supplied by the customer (via geofences) and third parties (who supply road type information) to calculate the distance travelled off highway by customer’s vehicles by road type. EROAD does not review the accuracy of this information and the information is supplied on an ‘as is’ basis. All fuel information contained in the report is obtained from transaction information supplied by the customer. If the customer does not record all fuel transactions in MyEROAD then the information provided will be incorrect.