Setting the standard for vehicle inspections. EROAD Inspect is the solution for your vehicle health and safety needs. In combination with our web-based platform MyEROAD, EROAD Inspect provides the transparency and flexibility to meet your pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspection requirements. EROAD’s Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) enables drivers to add feedback regarding the condition of a vehicle, asset or trailer, and include photographic evidence, as required. All completed reports can be reviewed and are stored in MyEROAD.

Drivers record their Inspect DVIR inspection results on the EROAD in-vehicle device, which is automatically synchronized to MyEROAD. To complete an inspection, the vehicle identification must exist in MyEROAD and have an inspection template assigned to it. Setting up EROAD Inspect requires completing two processes:

Set up MyEROAD for EROAD Inspect                     

Set up Driver Profiles