Overspeed Dashboard in PowerBI

Overspeed Dashboard in PowerBI

Watch the video below to learn how to use the report.

Using Overspeed Dashboard Report

What Is PowerBI?

PowerBI is a Microsoft tool that brings together multiple sources of data (for example, the data from various MyEROAD reports) into one location in a format known as a dashboard. Dashboards are highly visual reporting tools that display important information at a glance. They provide insights that can help you make decisions. MyEROAD uses PowerBI to gather and display information automatically from underlying reports and data sets.

The Overspeed Dashboard in PowerBI provides a high-level view of driver speeding behavior. It also allows you to drill down for details. Drilling down refers to the ability of dashboards to allow you to shift from a high-level overview to more detailed views of the data.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Overspeed by Day of Week: This new bar chart displays speeding events for each day of the week.
  • Virtual speed camera filter: You can now filter the results to display only the events for specific virtual speed camera areas, which are geofenced areas with custom speed limits that you set. Previously, you could only view these events in the aggregate—for all geofenced areas.
  • Overspeed sessions: In the legacy Overspeed Dashboard, the No. of events per vehicle bar graph displays the raw events with each event equating to one dot on the heat map every 15 seconds. In the new Overspeed Dashboard, events are grouped into sessions. For example, if a driver speeds for one minute, that's one session rather than four events. Sessions makes it easier for you to monitor patterns of behavior.
  • Overspeed Sessions table: This new table provides details about speed sessions. It contains several new columns:
    • % Over Limit: Shows how far over the posted speed limit the driver was traveling. Select the % Over Limit column header to easily view the worst offenders.
    • Duration and Distance: Together, these columns define each session listed on the table. Zeros in these columns denote one event, rather than a session of events.
    • Hyperlink: Opens the selected session for viewing in the Activity map.
  • Drill-down capability: To view every speed event, rather than speed sessions, right-click on the visualizations to view a menu in which you can select Drill through > Speed Detail. This will open the Detailed Overspeed Events table and associated heat map.
  • Overspeed Location Heat Map: The heat map shows dots for each speeding session (rather than each event).

Accessing the Beta Overspeed Dashboard

To view the beta Overspeed Dashboard, do the following:

1. On the EROAD main menu, select Reports, and then under Driver, select Overspeed Dashboard.

2. Next to Try the beta overspeed dashboard, toggle the switch so it turns red.

The Overspeed Dashboard displays. The dashboard allows you to view speeding events at the fleet level and also for individual drivers and vehicles. The results are color coded as follows:

Color Speed Band Severity > Posted Speed Limit
Red Heavy vehicle: +15 mph Light vehicle: +20 mph
Orange Heavy vehicle: +10 mph Light vehicle: +15 mph
Yellow Heavy vehicle: +5 mph Light vehicle: +10 mph
Blue Within geofenced areas (virtual speed cameras)

Dashboard Overview

The following table provides an overview of the main features on the dashboard. In addition to the drill-down capability described previously, the visualizations share many of the same usage features:

  • Hover over a colored area to view details.
  • Select the three dots menu to export the data.

Overspeed Insights control panel


Display the speeding sessions by vehicles (the default), drivers, and groups (fleets). Refine the results by selecting particular

vehicles, drivers, groups, and virtual speed cameras. By default, the dashboard is set to All. You can adjust the date range to look at long-term patterns or behaviors during particular days or weeks. Use the Speed Band check list to view the results for particular speed bands.

Overspeed Sessions by Vehicle


You can also view sessions by Driver and Group as selected in the control panel.

Select a bar to refresh the dashboard so it displays those particular results.

Usage tip: Select the bar again to deselect it

 Overspeed by Day of Week


 For the selected date range and filters, shows the speeding patterns by day of the week.

 Overspeed Sessions per Day


 A trend graph that shows the number of events by speed band. This display is useful for looking at trends over time.

Select a driver from the Drivers dropdown list to monitor performance improvements

Overspeed Sessions table


Provides details about the overspeed sessions shown in the Overspeed Session by Vehicle (or Driver or Group) bar graph.

Select a session row to zoom the Overspeed Location Map to that location. Individual sessions are more visible in satellite view than Heat Map view.

Overspeed Location Heat Map


Displays the speed session locations as one red dot per session. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and out. Use your cursor to drag the focus.

Select the icon in the lower-left corner to view in satellite mode. Select again to return to the heat map

Speed Limit Profile


For a selected date range, the number of speeding events at different posted speed limits. You can see at which speeds drivers had the most speeding violations and focus training and incentives accordingly.

The Max Speed trend line shows the highest Ehubo-reported speed violation for each posted speed limit.

Note: EROAD relies on posted speed limits supplied by a third-party mapping provider and customers. EROAD uses commercially reasonable means to ensure that posted speed limits used within MyEROAD are current; however, on occasion these speed limits may be incorrect. To validate a speed event, contact EROAD Customer Support. EROAD will support you by validating that the speed comparison to the posted speed limit is correct; ensure satellite signals did not compromise GPS accuracy, and therefore recorded speeds; and validate the vehicle speed using distance and time measurements.

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