Skipping or rescheduling a Service

At any time you can manually skip a scheduled Service. 


NOTE: A, B and C services have a special relationship, A or B services can be automatically skipped or rescheduled when entering a completed B or C service. Reschedule options will show if applicable.


To Skip a Service manually:

  1. In the Service tab on the left-hand side, click on the vehicle.

  2. On the right hand side in the Scheduled tab, click on Complete for the service you wish to skip.
    The Complete Scheduled Service screen will appear.

  3. Click Skip this Service.
    The service will be skipped. If the service has been setup to reoccur, then another service with the next calculated due date will appear against the vehicle.


Automatic rescheduling of services when completing a B or C service:

  • When completing a C service the B and A services for this vehicle will be skipped and rescheduled.

  • When completing a B service the A service for this vehicle will be skipped and rescheduled.

  • Where applicable, "Reschedule A Service" and "Reschedule B Service" checkboxes will show.

    • To skip the A and/or B services, make sure the checkboxes are ticked and click Complete.

    • To leave the A and/or B schedules as they are, un-check the reschedule options and click Complete.