Unidentified Trips Overview

Unidentified trips occur when a driver or mechanic forgot to log into the EROAD electronic logging device (ELD) in-vehicle device and the vehicle is driven at least five miles per hour. Motor carriers must do the following steps per subsection 395.32(c):

  • Ensure that records of unidentified trips are reviewed
  • Annotate the record to explain why the time is unassigned to any driver
  • Assign the trip to the appropriate driver to correctly reflect the driver's hours of service
  • Retain the records for each ELD for a minimum of six months from the date of receipt

You can manage unidentified driver trips through the new Unidentified Trips submenu, where you can perform the following actions:

  • Access/view unidentified trips in a specific time period
  • Filter trips based on trip status, vehicle, or the group to which the vehicle belongs
  • View detailed information for each trip, including location
  • Assign individual trips
  • Bulk assign trips to a specific driver
  • Bulk close trips, leaving them as unassigned
  • Export all of the trips matching the current filter as a comma-separated values (CSV) spreadsheet
  • Export selected trips as a CSV file
  • View or export trips that have been closed as unassigned

Accessing Unidentified Trips

Perform the following steps to access Unidentified Trips.

  1. Click the Driver menu.
  2. Click the Unidentified Trips submenu in the left navigation pane.
    Note: You can change the contents of the list by filtering the unidentified trips.

 Unidentified Trips screen scrubbed

Setting the Time Range

You can use the controls in the center of the Unidentified Trips screen to alter the time range for the list of trips.

  1. Click the (weekly) drop-down list to change the duration of time included in the list of unidentified trips. The MyEROAD system automatically shows the unidentified trips in the current week. You can choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Custom.
  2. (Optional) Click the From/To arrows to adjust the date window.

 Unidentified Trip Screen Custom View 

Filtering Unidentified Trips

Perform the following steps to filter the list of unidentified trips.

  1. Click the Filters Filters icon2 icon in the Unidentified Trips screen. The Filters dialog box appears.
  2. (Optional) Enable the Trip Status check boxes that you want to include in the list. MyEROAD automatically includes Unassigned, Pending, and Rejected.
  3. (Optional) Click the Name field to open a list of vehicles, and then click the name of the vehicle if you want to see unidentified trips for a specific vehicle.
  4. (Optional) Click the Group field to open a list of groups to which the vehicle belongs and then click the name of the group if you are searching specifically by group name.
  5. Click the Apply Filters Apply Filters button button to apply the filters to the list and close the Filters dialog box.


Unidentified Trip Filters


Exporting Unidentified Trips

Perform the following steps to export the list of Unidentified Trips.

  1. Click the Export Export button button above the list of trips if you want to export all of the trips that match the current filter and time range. A CSV file is then downloaded, which lists all of the trips and their details.
  2. You may open and/or save the CSV file to your local computer.


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