Vehicle Profile

Vehicle Profiles are settings that can be applied to a vehicle type. They can be managed by Client Administrator and Unit Manager roles. Currently the setting that is available in a Vehicle Profile is the Max Speed Alert. We will be adding more vehicle settings into the profile to help make vehicle management even easier.

Max Speed Alert

Max Speed Alert is found in Administration>Vehicle Profiles. It lets you monitor and manage excessive speeding, helping you maintain the safety of your drivers and the public and protecting your business's reputation. 

Max Speed Alert enables you to set up an alert for a speed you consider appropriate. If one of your vehicles travels above the set threshold, you are sent an email. 

To set up a Max Speed Alert: 

1. Go to Administration and select Vehicle Profile.

2. Select the type of vehicle you wish to monitor. You can set up a maximum speed for heavy vehicles, light vehicles and assets.

3. Toggle the Max Speed Alert to on and set the speed at which you want to be alerted.

4. Add email recipients who will receive an email when the max speed limit is exceeded.

5. Click the Update button.

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NOTE: The monitored vehicle must be on a plan which includes the Max Speed Alert feature.