Vehicle Profile

Role(s): Client Administrator, Unit Manager

Vehicle Profiles is available to those with qualifying plans.


Vehicle Profiles are template settings applied to vehicle types for performance, safety, and/or non-compliance-related notifications.


VehicleProfiles MaxSpeed USA


To edit a template

  1. Select a template. Its side panel opens.
  2. Activate a setting. Its parameters will become available.
  • Max speed AlertIf exceeded, an alert is sent to MyEROAD and email recipients
  • Posted speed limit violation: Set a tolerance level for any posted speed. If the tolerance is exceeded, an alert is sent to MyEROAD and email recipients.
  • (Optional) Manage recipients. This opens a menu with which you may add email addressees.
  • Apply.
  • Update.

Alert pre-conditions for Posted Speed limit violations

Alerts are only sent if two similar events occur within 60 seconds of each other.

GPS technology does have limitations on accuracy. To reduce the occurrence of false-positives we look for 2 or more occurrences of an event before an alert is issued.

Maximum of ONE alert type per vehicle per 10 minutes


  • EROAD gets its posted speed map data from various local and national government agencies - as well as 3rd party stakeholders. Posted speed may change from time-to-time, and EROAD expedites these changes as quickly as we can.
  • If you believe a posted speed for a specific road is incorrect, you may request that EROAD do a posted speed review for that road from the Activity map.