Understanding Events

An event is an action recorded by the in vehicle device that reflects a change in the activity of a vehicle. Events are recorded from midnight to midnight. Events that occurred before midnight are grayed out.

To view events, go to the Activity link > Vehicle tab. When you click on a specific vehicle, the map zooms in and from the Activity tab, located below the map, a list events that occurred within the last 24 hours is displayed for that vehicle. 

Daily Activity includes all of the below information but also shows a clear picture of how events are grouped between ignition on and off events including the time and distance.  You can easily see where the truck travelled, when it arrived at a customer or in its home yard, and change the trip weight configuration as the load changes due to drop offs.

See information regarding Harsh Braking and Acceleration events in the Driver Safety Report.

Event Data

Time  The exact time that the event began.
Date  The day the event occurred
Speed  If applicable, the vehicle speed during the event.
Distance  If applicable, the distance the vehicle travelled during the event.
Reading  the GPS reading at the start of the event.
Stop time  The amount of time the vehicle was stopped before the ignition on event occurred.
Location  The actual location where the event occurred.


Event Types

Icon  Name Definition   
Ignitionon Ignition on

Records the last known state that the ignition was on. If the symbol is grayed out, the unit has not reported in within the last 24 hours but the last reading was ignition off.

driverlogin Driver logged in Driver logged into the vehicle device.  driverlogoutThe icon is grayed out when the driver logs out.  
 On and Stationary Vehicle stopped  Vehicle ignition is on but the vehicle is stationary.


 Vehicle Heading  Vehicle heading  Vehicle ignition is on and is heading in the direction of the arrow.  
Current location  Current activity

Records the vehicle activity at the current point in time (e.g., turning, moving, stopped). Turning is triggered when the vehicle changes direction by 15 degrees or more.

 idle  Idle

Ignition is on and the vehicle is stationary for a period of five (5) consecutive minutes or more. The time recorded is the end of the idle event - when the vehicle started moving again.

Your vehicle may be wired one of two ways - 1) the ignition in the ON position, or 2) true idle - ignition is on and engine is running. True idle refers to idle events that occur only while the engine is actually running.

Inter Intermediate recording

Recorded for an automatic Driving event captured by the ELD.  This event must be captured every 60 minutes (1 hour) unless the driver changes duty status away from Driving.  There are NO intermediate recordings created when in personal use (personal conveyance) mode.  There are intermediate recordings for yard move, as it is still considered to be on-duty.  

BOL BOL A Bill of Lading entry for the trip.  
Fuelentry Fuel entry A fuel entry added for the trip  
Entry  Geofence entry  Entry into a geofence area.  
Exit   Geofence exit  Exit from a geofence area.  
unauthorizedstate Unauthorized state

A degraded event where the Ehubo is sending partial data from a vehicle (distance) but cannot resolve and submit all information. An example where this occurs is if a vehicle is being towed. These events are important to note in your records if you are using Depot to generate your Weight-Mileage report.

information  Information  An activity of interest has occurred (i.e., external power removed or applied).  
 sharedorg Shared Vehicle  Vehicle is owned by another organization buy they are sharing information about that vehicle with your organization (either, current location only, or current location and activity history). Icon is visible next to the vehicle name.  


Configuration change A truck weight configuration occurred here.  
Off and Stationary  Vehicle Stopped  Vehicle ignition is off and the vehicle is stationary.  
 Ignition Off   Ignition off Records the last known state that the ignition was off. If the symbol is grayed out, the unit has not reported in within the last 24 hours but the last reading was ignition off.   

Harsh Braking Event

A harsh braking event is possible when a vehicle is traveling at least 20 km/h (12.43 mph). If a reduction in GPS speed of 8.7 mph occurs within a one second interval, a Harsh Braking event is triggered which is visible in the Event Log.

Harsh Acceleration Event

An event is created when a vehicle accelerates faster than 7.5 mph. This is considered hazardous based on international benchmarks and user-based insurance product research.