Scheduling a Service

Scheduling Services for your vehicles is easy.

To schedule a Service:

  1. In the Service tab on the left-hand side, click on the vehicle.

  2. On the right hand side in the Scheduled tab, click on Schedule New Service.
    The Scheduled Service Item screen will appear.

  3. In Type, select a service type from the drop down.
    If selecting Custom Service, you can enter a description in Name e.g. Intrinsic Certification, Warranty Expiry etc.

    NOTE: To add a Custom Service to the list of Service Types, select Manage Service Types, enter a name and confirm with Add.
    The Custom Service will be added to the list, and can be scheduled for any of your vehicles. Find more information on managing Service Types here.

  4. In Supplier, select a supplier from the drop down.

    NOTE: To enter a new supplier, select Manage Suppliers, enter a supplier name and confirm with Add.
    Find more information on managing suppliers here.

  5. In Next Occurrence, select when the service is due by

    Ticking On a date and picking a date in Date and/or
    Ticking At an Ehubo reading and entering a distance in Ehubo Reading and/or
    Ticking At hours of and entering hours in Engine Hours

  6. In Repeat every, you can schedule regular occurrences for the service by

    Ticking By date and entering a time period in Date and/or
    Ticking By distance and entering a distance in Ehubo Reading and/or
    Ticking By hours and entering hours in Engine Hours.

    If you do not wish to schedule repeated services, make sure to untick all check boxes in the Repeat every row. In that case the service will be scheduled to occur only once.

  7. In Reminder (before Service), set up reminders by

    Entering a time period in Date, e.g. 2 weeks, to receive a reminder 2 weeks before the due date and/or
    Entering a distance in Ehubo Reading, e.g. 1000 km/mi, to receive a reminder when the actual Ehubo Reading is 1000 km/mi short of the next occurrence and/or
    Entering hours in Engine Hours, e.g. 100 hours, to receive a reminder when the actual Engine Hours are 100 hours short of the next occurrence.

    NOTE: Reminders will be sent out by email. If setting several reminders for a service, e.g. Date and Ehubo Reading, you will only receive the reminder that applies first.

    NOTE: Once a reminder has been sent out, the Service’s status will change to Scheduled Service Due coloured amber.

  8. Click Create.
    The service will appear in Scheduled service item for the vehicle on the Scheduled tab.