Geofences (MyEROAD)

Role: Client Administrator; Geofence User

Note: These features and explanations do not apply to Depot, EROAD's legacy version of MyEROAD.

MyEROAD Geofences takes our GeoAlerts capabilities and adds enterprise-level functions, such as:

  • Bulk updating/deleting
  • Time of Day & Day of Week targeting
  • Fleet specificity
  • Shared Vehicle support
  • Expiry dates
  • User warnings
  • 'Stopped' or 'Moving' options (Moving messages: <25 characters. Stopped messages: < 200 characters)
  • Audible alert option

Moving vs. Stopped GeoAlerts

If more than one alert is triggered, sending multiple messages to a device, each message is sent to two different queues: Moving and Stopped.

The Moving queue is constantly processed when triggered. Each message displays for 15 seconds, then the next. Moving messages may be displayed when the vehicle is either moving or stopped.

The Stopped queue is only processed when the vehicle is stationary. The Stopped queue takes precedence over the Moving queue. If both Moving and Stopped alerts are sent to the device when Stopped, The Stopped queue is delivered first, sequentially, followed by the Moving queue sequentially.

Managing Geofences

The Geofences screen has two main views: Map and List. List allows fast access to all geofences, while Map delivers a graphical 'select and view' interface for geofence navigation.


Map view is where geofences are drawn. Map view is selectable using its tab, or automatically selected when the List view's Create geofence button is clicked.

01 map

To get an existing geofence's details:

  1. Navigate to, and click on, a geofence. The geofence's details panel opens
  2. You may view the details, or click Edit to change them.

To Create/Edit a geofence:


02 geofences

List view presents all geofences in a paginated table that's both searchable and filterable through common page-top fields.

  • Search by geofence name: entering a geofence name – or subpart of a name – shortlists qualifying geofences
  • Filter by Types: lists geofences by type
  • Filter by Tagged with: lists geofences tagged with at least one of the selected tags
  • Filter by Groups/Fleets: lists geofences accessible to at least one of the selected Groups/Fleets
  • Filter by Created by: lists geofences created by designated Client Administrators

Select a geofence line to open its Details panel.

Click Edit to change the details, or Delete to remove the geofence from the list permanently.

Bulk actions

Rather than edit each geofence individually, Bulk actions apply common changes across large groups of geofences.

To apply a Bulk action:

  1. Using filters or searches on the List screen, list the geofences that require a common change
  2. Either individually check each geofence that needs to be amended, OR select the Name checkbox to select all currently listed geofences.
    03 bulk
  3. Click the Bulk actions button to select an action:
    1. Set expiration date: a pop-up dialog box allows you to enter and save a new date for selected vehicles
    2. Email notification: set a list of recipients to receive email notifications, and their trigger conditions – Entry, Exit or Speeding (for 'Virtual speed' geofence types only)
    3. Delete: Presents a confirmation on deleting the selected geofences.

The selected geofences will have the change applied.

Note: Bulk actions are only applied to the currently presented page. To apply Bulk actions to more geofences, each page must be presented, have valid items checked, and the Bulk action re-applied.

If there are large numbers of geofences to be modified, consider listing more geofences per screen using the x/page option at the foot of the table.