ADMIN Setup IFTA License in MyEROAD

Entering your organization’s IFTA licenses

** applies to IFTA fuel tax **


NOTE: Enter your organization’s IFTA license as soon as possible as data will only show in IFTA reports from the date the IFTA license has been entered.


To enter your organization’s IFTA License:

  1. In MyEROAD, click on cogwheel3 in the top right corner of your screen and click Administration / My Organization.
  2. Click on Manage IFTA Licenses.
  3. Click Add New IFTA License.
  4. Select Base Jurisdiction.
  5. Enter License Number.
  6. Confirm by clicking Update IFTA Licenses.

You can set up multiple IFTA licenses and manage them in cogwheel3Administration / My Organization / Manage IFTA Licenses.

NOTE: Make sure to assign your IFTA licenses to your IFTA qualified vehicles by activating Tax Services for each vehicle.