Trip Map View

The Activity menu in MyEROAD takes you to the hub of activity where you can view and track your vehicles and their locations at a given time. The page automatically refreshes every 90 seconds but you can manually refresh the page by pressing F5 on your keyboard.  

Exploring the Trip Map

Tracking mapfinal2 

Using Address Search

The Address Search field, located in the top right corner of the map view, is useful for identifying a street address or a point of interest on the map. You can find a customer location when creating a geofence, searching for truck stops, service stations, or identifying supplier locations close to one of your trucks.

Enter full or partial address information, a point of interest, or coordinates (latitude and longitude in decimal degrees, e.g. 45.378096, -122.757052). A list of suggestions will display in the region you entered. Selecting a suggestion will place a marker on the location and center it in the map view.


Selecting Map Options

To show of hide the Map Options menu, click or tap the arrow in the upper right corner of the map view. 

Click from one of the options to select the type of map view of the land.

NOTE: To view a vehicle's detailed route, go to the Daily Activity link and ensure the Journey Line, Journey Points and Off-road options are checked. See Daily Activity for details.


 Activity Map Options



A drawing of roads, routes, cities, and points of interest.

Satellite A photographic overhead view of the land from space.
Terrain A topographical view of the land including roads and points of interest.

A drawing of the up-to-date Traffic flow for major cities. Traffic flow is updated with latest information when moving the map (panning).

NOTE: Traffic information on any map in MyEROAD reflects current traffic flow. When going back in time, e.g. when viewing the Daily Activity Report for a previous date, traffic flow information (if displayed) is for the current time, and does not reflect the traffic flow of the selected time.

Traffic - Satellite Same as Traffic but with the photographic view.

View a drawing that incorporates the physical, and legal, restrictions and warnings for an area which is useful for drivers to know. Dispatchers can quickly and easily view the height, weight, width and length restrictions for a journey.

The following attributes can be viewed in the Truck option:

TruckLayerKey Imperial L




Expanding the Map

You can expand the map view by clicking the arrows on the left and bottom of the map. To expand the map horizontally (hide the vehicle list), click left arrow button. To expand the map vertically, click the lower button.

Click the button(s) again to return the map to the previous view.




Moving Locations in the Map

Directional arrows in the upper left of the map view enable you to move the map in any direciton. Another method, panning, is to click in the map and drag the mouse along the screen in any direction.