WMT (Weight-mile)

A Weight-Mile (WMT) report is a monthly report of taxable Oregon miles operated for each vehicle in a fleet, by vehicle weight configuration. The WMT application generates monthly reports in compliance with the standard reporting formats by ODOT’s Motor Carrier Transportation Division.

If you are new to MyEROAD, review Setting up Tax Reporting for your organization.

Setting up your Weight Mileage Report

As the vehicles in your fleet are added, removed or assigned Ehubos during a reporting period, you must remember two important stepts for accurate reporting: 1. Ensure each vehicle that applies is setup for Weight-mileage tax and, 2. Assign specific weight configurations to each vehicle. Keep in mind, all staff members may not be aware of these requirements. Reporting in MyEROAD begins when the Weight Mileage box is checked and cannot go back to the beginning of the reporting period.

Vehicle setup for Weight-mileage tax

In MyEROAD, one of the most critical steps is ensuring that your Weight-mileage report includes all applicable vehicles before filing. This occurs ONLY if the Weight-mileage box is checked for a specific vehicle.


There are several instances where you want to pay attention to ensure this action is completed:

    • If you add a new vehicle that requires Weight-mileage tax to your fleet
    • If you temporarily remove a vehicle from your fleet and it is returned
    • If you install an Ehubo and assign it to a vehicle
    • Automatically completed if you have a Power of Attorney with EROAD and vehicle data is directly imported from ODOT


Vehicle Weight Configurations

The Weight-mileage report is also based on the weight configurations assigned to each vehicle. You must enter the configurations for accurate reporting.