Viewing Your Vehicles

Click the Activity link to view and track your vehicle activity in MyEROAD.

Activity Home Page

If you have at least one vehicle or asset being tracked, the Activity screen is your home page in MyEROAD. If you do not have vehicles or assets tracked, the Activity page is not your home page. A Client Administrator can add vehicles, trailers and assets into MyEROAD by going to Administration > Vehicles/Assets > Manage Vehicles/Assets.

Default Vehicle View

In MyEROAD, click the Activity link to open a trip map view of vehicles within your organization. By default, the vehicles displayed when the screen opens only correspond to the vehicles listed on the left side of the screen. If you have a large number of vehicles, paging appears at the bottom of the vehicle list. Click the arrows to change pages. You can sort your vehicle list by clicking on the Name or the Last Location column headings. Based on your role, your view may be limited to viewing specific groups or fleets of vehicles that only apply to you.

Customize your Vehicle View

Your selection of specific filters determines what you see on the vehicle screen. 


Entering a specific vehicle name displays its vehicle trip.  

All Groups (Fleets) menu

By default, all groups are displayed unless your role limits your view to specific groups. Selecting specific groups or fleets reduces the amount of traffic on your map and in your vehicle view to groups applicable to your location or your tracking tasks.

To select your groups:

1. Click in the All Groups field to open a menu listing all groups in your organization.

2. Check or uncheck the groups you want to view.

3. Click Go to change the view.



multifleet select2

Include Trailers checkbox

 By default, all trailers that are in MyEROAD are included in your view list. Uncheck if you do not want to view.  

 refresh Refresh icon

 Clicking the icon refreshes your screen to ensure any newly added vehicles are displayed.