Geofence Site Activity Report

Reports / Geofence Site Activity captures your vehicles’ geofence visits. You can easily monitor your vehicles’ exit and entry times, time-on-site targets and identify issues affecting turnaround times on site.

Use filtering facilities on the left-hand side to report on specific geofence types, customer accounts, terminals and regions, enabling you to provide proof of service information to third parties.

NOTE: Tags for Account, Terminal and/or Region have to be set up here before you can report on these attributes.

NOTE: Trailers can be included or excluded through the Fleet filter.

To view details, including Average Time in Geofence by Vehicle and Visit Duration by Date:

  1. Click View Details.

NOTE: You can view details for all Geofences displayed, or select one or several Geofences (hold down Ctrl key to select several) before clicking View Details.

    • To focus on one or several vehicles, click on the vehicle in Average Time in Geofence by Vehicle (hold down Ctrl key to select several vehicles).
      Visits and Visit Duration by Date will be displayed for the selected vehicle(s).

New Geofence Site Activity Report

Watch the video to learn how to use the report.

Geofence Site Activity Report


Under the Tools menu you can export the report in PDF and CSV format, schedule the report to receive it by email on a regular basis, or PDF it for printing.