Fleet Map

Download the MyEROAD Fleet Map FAQ here!


MyEROAD Fleet Map is a re-imagination of maps that significantly expands EROAD's ability to deliver accurate, multi-featured services to the modern land transport industry.

While we're confident you will appreciate the potential of this new map technology, new experiences can be unsettling; that's why we've made it easy to switch Fleet Maps on and off at will, without losing any data or functionality.

In the following year, we will migrate more and more of the interactive features currently found in MyEROAD Maps to Fleet Maps, along with some modern tools that were un-doable on our outgoing maps platform.

Looking great on mobile

Even on the smallest of mobile screens, we've re-designed Fleet Maps to be intuitive and fit nicely, whether you're looking at the map, inspecting a vehicle or managing your fleet.

  North American Driver Details Mobile 1  North America Driver on Map Mobile 1  North American Driver List Mobile 2


The interface is consistent across tablets and Desktop screens, reducing learning time while delivering key data quickly and easily.

North America Map with HoS 1

What can Fleet Maps do?

  • New technology enables the display of 100x more assets than previously possible (Scaleable to 10,000 assets)
  • We can now support up to 1000 un-clustered assets, or 10000 clustered
  • Customers will be able to toggle clustering on and off to support different use cases
  • We have reduced the page load time from ~60 seconds (for enterprise customers) to <5 seconds

Accessing Fleet Maps

The Fleet Maps Beta can be toggled on or off from any screen that is able to display map data. The switch is at the top of the map.

fleetMaps toggle

Mobile User Interface

North American Driver List Mobile 1

On a mobile device, your first view may be LIST, listing vehicles in your fleet.

  • Tap a vehicle to get more vehicle details.
  • Tap in the Search field to enter a vehicle name or license plate of a targeted vehicle.
  • If you have assigned your vehicles into groups, tap Select groups to cut down your listed vehicles.
  • Tap Filter to list only vehicles with certain criteria.
  • To switch to Map view, tap MAP.


North America Driver on Map Mobile 1

In Map view, you'll see:

clusterClusters: These big blue circles are vehicles in close proximity. As you zoom in, Clusters will split into smaller clusters, eventually resolving into individual vehicles at extreme zoom levels.

  • Tap a cluster to zoom into it until it makes its first split.

stoppedStopped Vehicles: These appear as red dots with a white square. These are the last reported locations of these vehicles.

in transitEn Route Vehicles: These appear as green dots with a white arrow, pointing in the general direction of travel.

  • Tap an individual vehicle to present vehicle details.

Change Map Layer: Tap  to select a number of map underlays, with different overlay options.


  • Default: Soft geographical detail; strong road representation
  • Terrain: Sharp geographical detail; strong road representation
  • Satellite: Photographic geographical detail; false colour main road representation


  • Truck: Highlights truck details such as tare weight tolerances and clearance restrictions
  • Traffic: Outlines main routes depending on zoom level.
  • Clusters: Numbers vehicles in close proximity in large blue dots, depending on zoom level.