Home Terminals

You can enter and manage your organization’s Home Terminals in Depot in Settings new cogwheel5 / Administration / My Organization.

Your organization is assigned a default Home Terminal during Depot setup that matches your organization's time zone and a default work day start of midnight. All drivers receive this Home Terminal by default.

Creating or Editing a Home Terminal

Perform the following steps to create a new Home Terminal:

  1. Click Settings new cogwheel5 / Administration / My Organization.

  2. Click Add in the Home Terminals (Branches) section.

  3. Enter the name in the Terminal Name field. Note: Required fields are denoted by an asterisk (*) after the field name.

  4. Enter the number in the USDOT Number field.

  5. Enter the carrier name in the Carrier Name field. Note: The Carrier Name field defaults to the Depot organization name. However, enter the authorized carrier name that is associated with the DOT number. This carrier name also appears on exported driver's logs.
  6. Click the Timezone dropdown arrow and select the time zone.

  7. Click the Work day start drop-down arrow and select Midnight or Noon.

  8. (Optional) Click the Geofence drop-down list and select a geofence that represents the Home Terminal.

  9. Click Save.

Home Terminal scrubbed


Organizations with Multiple Home Terminals

You can add more home terminals if your organization has multiple business units with unique names or DOT numbers.

  1. Perform the same steps outlined above to add more home terminals. 
  2. Replace default information with data that applies to the new home terminal. Remember: The Carrier Name field defaults to the Depot organization name. Enter the authorized carrier name that is associated with the additional DOT number. 
  3. Click Save. Additional home terminals appear directly under the original home terminal on the My Organization screen.

My Org Multiple Home Terminals

Note: The Home Terminal dialog box opens with the default information of the original home terminal. Be sure to enter unique information in place of the default information when adding a new home terminal. Otherwise, any default information that is not replaced will be saved with the new data that you have added.