Daily Activity Report

The Daily Activity report shows the activity of a vehicle in a 24 hour period, from midnight to midnight in the timezone of your organisation.

The report defaults to "Today" however previous days can be selected.


NOTE: Traffic information on any map in MyEROAD will reflect current traffic flow. When going back in time, e.g. when viewing the Daily Activity Report for a previous date, traffic flow information (if displayed) will be current and not reflect traffic status of the selected time.


Accessing the report

The Daily Activity Report can be accessed from:

  • VTR screen by clicking dailyActivityLink
  • Activity screen by selecting a vehicle and clicking dailyActivityLink in the Activity pane
  • Reports tab by clicking on Daily Activity Report


Viewing the report

To select a vehicle:

  • Start typing the vehicle name in the vehicle box on top.
    Relevant vehicle names will be displayed in the drop down.
  • Select the vehicle.

To choose the reporting period:

  • Select a day by clicking Previous Next or by using the date picker.

To filter the report and show selected event types only:

  • Click on Filtering.
    Event types available will show in the drop down.
  • Tick event types to show in the report.

 Your vehicle set up determines the event types that are available.

Event type

Event details


  • ignition on
  • ignition off


  • geofence entry
  • geofence exit


  • "No Seatbelt" events
  • Driver ID events
  • Driver ID Disconnected events

Ehubo Audits 

Ehubo has entered an unauthorised state


Idle / Info

  • idle time
  • power removed
  • power applied


  • input number and type.

For Seatbelts this will show "Seatbelt ON" and "Seatbelt OFF" events



Summary information

Daily Activity is summarised at the top of the report including:

  • total distance
  • number of Site Visits
  • total Running Time and Stop Time
  • If your vehicle has auxiliary inputs connected, the total time and distance travelling while the input was engaged will also be reported.



Viewing the Event Log

View the Event Log for a much more detailed record of vehicle events.

To view the Event Log:

  • Click in the Tools dropdown in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select Go to Event Log.
    The Event Log screen will be launched.


Viewing Exempt Miles

The Daily Activity screen allows you to view details of any exempt miles claimed ("off-road") and includes beginning and ending Ehubo readings, start and end location, latitude and longitudinal coordinates, and total exempt distance per exempt portion.

To highlight off-road portions on the Map in a separate color:

  • Open the Map Options by clicking map option  on the right upper corner of the Map.
  • Select Off-Road.
    Detailed information will be displayed in the Map bubble.


Showing or Hiding Journey Points

From the upper right corner of a Daily Activity map, click the downward arrow to open the Map options. Click the checkbox to show Journey Points or remove to hide. 



Viewing Off-Road Journey Details

You can use the off-road tools to quickly and easily find and view off-road journeys for a particular day.

  1. Click the link next to the off-road distance off road journeys link2 to see the off-road journey details screen.  This link is only available if off-road journeys have been completed during that day.  
  2. Selecting the off-road journeys link will result in a list of all the off-road journeys for that day being displayed on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click the off road back to activity link2 link in the off-road distance field to return to the Daily Activity screen.  


  • The off-road journey is highlighted in green between the start and end indicators
  • The "Total" distance for each off-road journey is the distance measured between the start and end indicators of the off-road travel


Viewing Shared Vehicles

Vehicles that are shared with Activity History can be viewed in your Daily Activity Report for the time period they are shared with you.

This helps you to verify fulfilment of service agreements and charge out jobs correctly and applies to both vehicles currently shared with you now and vehicles that have been shared with you in the past.

NOTE: The Daily Activity Report for shared vehicles does not include information on Geofences and Site Visits. Event Log is not available. **US only** Configurations cannot be changed. **US only**


Changing Trip Configurations

To change a configuration:

  1. Choose an event.
  2. Click in the 'Config.' Column of the chosen event and the 'Change Trip Configuration' window will appear.
  3. Choose your configuration from the Configuration drop down list (if you select STP you also need to enter the Permit details).
  4. Select Finish Point:
  • Select 'Onwards' if you want the system to automatically apply the chosen configuration from the selected event onwards.
  • Select 'Select the finish point' to choose that last event in that configuration.

Configurations can be changed both in real time and retrospectively. If your vehicles are traveling in the same configuration for an entire reporting period, you only need to set the configuration once. However, if a vehicle's configuration changes, you should change the configuration so that the correct tax rate is used for calculating taxes due.

Exporting the Report

To export the report in either PDF or CSV format:

  • Click in the Tools dropdown toolsMenu in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select Export PDF or Export CSV.