Driver Portal

The EROAD Driver Portal is used by drivers to change their duty status if they are away from the in-vehicle device. Drivers may select either ON duty or OFF duty through the Driver Portal. This page includes the following sections:

Invite Drivers to Use the EROAD Driver Portal

Driver Completes Registration Process

Using the EROAD Driver Portal

EROAD Driver Portal and the Driver Logs


Invite Drivers to Use the EROAD Driver Portal

Perform the following steps to invite drivers to use the EROAD Driver Portal.

1. Click on a driver's name under the Driver menu. Note: Ensure that the driver has a unique email address entered in his/her profile. It should not be the same email address used to access the MyEROAD application if this is an owner/operator.

2. Click the Action Action icon icon at the top of the screen.

3. Click the Invite to Driver Portal option.

Driver menu Action drop down list


The Invite to Driver Portal dialog box appears. Unavailable driver names are grayed out on the list, so only available driver names are shown in black text.

4. Click the checkbox beside the driver name(s), who you want to invite to use the driver portal. 

5. Click the Send Invite button. 

Note: Drivers then receive an email confirmation message so that they can complete the registration process. Drivers must click the link in their email message to create a unique password for their access to the EROAD Driver Portal.

Invite to Driver Portal dialog box edited 

Note: Drivers, whose profiles are inactivated in MyEROAD, may log into the EROAD Driver Portal, but they may not change their duty status. Drivers do not have to re-register in the EROAD Driver Portal if the motor carrier re-activates their driver profile.


Driver Completes Registration Process

An email confirmation is sent to the driver's email account after the invitation is sent through MyEROAD. The driver then opens the email message and completes the registration process. Drivers might need to check their junk mail folder if they don't see the message in their personal in-box.

Email message1

The driver taps the Sign Up button and completes the registration by entering his new password and tapping Continue.

Password Requirements:

  • May be from 8 to 50 characters
  • At least one upper case letter
  • At least one lower case letter
  • At least one number or special character


Note: Drivers should save the URL for future access to the Driver Portal.

0318 ERD US Depot DriverPortal 5 Email rev scrubbed          0318 ERD US Depot DriverPortal LoginPage3


Using the EROAD Driver Portal

The Driver's current duty status displays when the driver logs into the Driver Portal ( The driver taps the round duty status icon to change the duty status. Drivers may select either OFF or ON duty.

The system requires drivers to enter their city and state in the Location field, and an explanation of the duty status change must be entered in the Remarks field.

0317 ERD US Depot DriverPortalChangeDutyStatus2

Tip: If multiple drivers are in one truck at an oil site, they can use the EROAD Driver Portal to login.


EROAD Driver Portal and the Driver Logs

Changes through the EROAD Driver Portal are also reflected in the driver's log.

  • No odometer reading (ODO column) nor engine hours (Eng Hrs column) are associated with the EROAD Driver Portal
  • Vehicle column displays DRIVRPORTL when a change was made through the EROAD Driver Portal
  • Remarks field begins with the text, Driver using EROAD Driver Portal.