WMT Report

The Weight-mile report screen on the Tax / Weight Mileage tab displays your Oregon Weight-mile tax information for the selected reporting period and allows you to complete the Weight-mile report for your organization.

The information is displayed per vehicle and per configuration. Vehicles without an Ehubo can be added to enable you to file one Weight-mile Report for your entire fleet. For vehicles without an Ehubo, you have to manually enter distances per configuration (find instructions here) and keep paper records to meet your record keeping requirements. 

Vehicles with Ehubo installed during a reporting period will be highlighted with new2 next to the unit number. You are able to add adjustments for the month the Ehubo has been installed to complete records.

NOTE: Please ensure that all vehicles included in the Weight-mile report are assigned to your Oregon WM Account. Vehicles that have not been included in the report will not be listed on the report. MyEROAD displays an error message if unreported vehicles are detected. Use the Include Vehicles button the select and add all applicable vehicles. 

wm error msg2


NOTE: The total miles displayed are the total miles driven for the reporting period. A vehiicle with a configuration of less than 26,000 lbs. should not be added to the WMT report. If a vehicle includes configurations both over and under 26,000 lbs., then trips attributable to the lower 26,000 lbs. configuration should be excluded from the WMT report.

Click green VTR  for a specific vehicle to be redirected to the Vehicle Trip Record of that vehicle.


Adding vehicles to Weight-mile report

When you are adding new vehicles, check the WMT Tax Service box when assigning a new Ehubo to a vehicle. The vehicle is automatically included on your WMT report.   

To add a vehicle to the Weight-mile report:

  1. In Tax / Weight Mileage tab, click Include Vehicles
  2. Select vehicle(s)
  3. Click Choose Selected Vehicles


Remove vehicles from Weight-mile report

To remove a vehicle from the Weight-mile Report:

  1. In Tax / Weight Mileage tab, click edit for the vehicle
  2. Click Remove Vehicle for Reporting
  3. Select whether you want to remove the vehicle, from this month onwards or for this month only
  4. Click Remove.


Add Weight-mile tax information for vehicles that do not have an Ehubo installed

MyEROAD cannot automatically record tax information on vehicles that are not equipped with an Ehubo. You are required to manually add information for vehicles without an Ehubo or vehicles that did not have an Ehubo installed for the entire reporting period before filing a Weight-mile Report.

To manually add Weight-mile tax information:

  1. In Tax / Weight Mileage tab, click edit for the vehicle.
  2. Enter distances for the relevant configurations in which the vehicle travelled.
  3. Click Save.
    The distances entered per configuration will now show in the Weight-mile Report screen.


Reporting Period

You can navigate between reporting periods by clicking the blue arrows report left arrow report right arrow displayed at the top of the screen. 


Export Report

In Tax / Weight Mileage tab, click Tools / Export Data as CSV or Export PDF to export your Weight-mile report data in CSV or PDF format.


File Report

Once the reporting period has finished, you can file the report with ODOT via EROAD’s secure ACH payment gateway.

Alternatively, you can generate the report in PDF format, print, sign and submit to ODOT manually.

Find detailed instructions here.


Change a filed report

If you change any data which relates to a filed report e.g. retrospectively changing a configuration, Re-File Report will be displayed on the Weight-mile report screen which indicates data the filed report is based on has changed and that you may need to re-file the report.


Report History

You can access all filed reports by clicking View History in the bottom right corner of the screen.

NOTE: If you change a vehicle's plate during a reporting period, the vehicle will continue to display its original plate on the Weight-mile report, RUAF Mileage Report and VTR for the duration of this reporting period. The new plate will be displayed in these reports from the next reporting period onward. 



odometer  Vehicle distances manually entered based on the vehicle odometer

electronic   Vehicle distances based on electronic distance recorder

paper2 Paper records to be kept for <vehicle> for this reporting period

green VTR  Redirects you to the Vehicle Trip Record of the vehicle

edit   Edit vehicle information for report

 new   Indicates vehicle with a newly installed Ehubo for this reporting period