Importing STPs

The road use assessment fee (RUAF) replaces the weight-mile tax for the loaded portion of non-divisible hauls, when the vehicle's combined weight is more than 98,000 pounds. A Variance Permit, called an Overweight Permit or STP is required and usually is valid for one or more trips within a 10 day period.

The RUAF Mileage screen on the Tax tab displays your RUAF and STP information for the selected reporting period. The information displayed is per vehicle and permit.


Automatic import of STPs

Your STPs will be automatically imported into MyEROAD each night from the Oregon Department of Transport (ODOT) at 11pm (PST), and display on your RUAF Mileage page. However, you can choose to manually request a STP import from ODOT by clicking Import STP numbers on your RUAF Mileage screen at any time to retrieve STP information held by ODOT, instantly updating MyEROAD. This will only import the STPs for the month selected, pre-paid permits will not be included.

NOTE: In order for ODOT to release vehicle information to EROAD, the appropriate Power of Attorney form needs to be completed and submitted through EROAD.


Assign STPs to Trips

To ensure that tax information for your fleet is up-to-date before filing a report with ODOT, you have to assign STPs to trips in your system.

Trips of vehicles without an Ehubo cannot be automatically recorded in MyEROAD. To enable you to submit one RUAF report per reporting period for your entire fleet, you can add STP information to vehicles that do not have an Ehubo installed or have an Ehubo installed during the reporting period (marked with new icon next to the unit number).  


Assign Trips – Vehicles with Ehubo

To assign STPs to trips:

  1. Select the vehicle in the Activity tab
  2. Go to the vehicle’s Daily Activity screen, for instance by selecting the vehicle in the Activity tab and clicking Daily Activity.
  3. Navigate to the date of the trip
  4. Click the Config column of the activity that marks the starting point of the trip.
    The Change Trip Configuration screen will appear.
  5. Select STP from the dropdown list.
  6. Enter permit number.
  7. Select Finish:
    Choose Onwards if you want the system to automatically apply the STP from the selected event onwards.
    Choose Select the finish point to assign a finish point for the STP. Click on the activity that marks the end of the trip.
  8. Click Change Configuration.

NOTE: STPs can also be entered on the Ehubo, find instructions here.


Assign Trips – Vehicles without Ehubo

To assign STPs to vehicles:

  1. Go to Tax tab / RUAF Mileage screen
  2. Click editIcon26x26_RO.png for the STP that corresponds with your vehicle.
  3. Select Add vehicle.
  4. Select vehicle from the drop down list.
  5. Manually enter the information required in the RUAF Miles fields.
  6. Click Update STP.

NOTE: If you wish to edit vehicle information, click editIcon26x26_RO.png and make the desired changes, then click Update STP.