RUAF Report

(inserted from elsewhere) Automatic import of STPs

Your STPs will be automatically imported into MyEROAD each night from the Oregon Department of Transport (ODOT) at 11pm (PST), and will appear on your RUAF Mileage Report screen. However, you can choose to manually request an STP import from ODOT by clicking Import STP Numbers on your RUAF Mileage Report screen at any time to retrieve STP information held by ODOT, instantly updating MyEROAD. This will only import the STPs for the month selected, pre-paid permits will not be included.

NOTE: In order for ODOT to release vehicle information to EROAD, the appropriate Power of Attorney form needs to be completed and submitted through EROAD.


Assign STPs to Trips

To ensure that tax information for your fleet is up-to-date before filing a report with ODOT, you have to assign STPs to trips in your system.

Find detailed instructions here.