Driver Profile

Driver profiles in MyEROAD help you organize and store valuable information about your drivers (e.g., driver licence expiration dates). For MyEROAD to communicate and receive data from other EROAD applications, some of this information is required. Driver Profiles store driver licence number and expiration dates, driver PIN number, alias, email address, phone number, username, Home Terminal, and access settings to driver-specific applications. 

Add or modify driver profiles

Delete drivers

Import or export driver information from an Excel or CSV file (bulk) 

Useful when managing large numbers of drivers or when you are setting up your fleet

Create driver groups

Useful when evaluating reports based on fleets or Home Terminal locations



To add or modify driver profiles in MyEROAD:

1. In MyEROAD, click the Driver link.


2. From the Drivers page, click add driver icon to add a new driver.  Click the driver name to modify details.

3. From the right panel, enter driver information. The profile panel is divided into four sections.

a. Personal

Driver name and alias required for identification and reports. Optional details include a driver's mobile number, email address and External ID code.

External ID: This is a free-form text field users can use to link a driver to an external service, such as a payroll system or insurance service. APIs are available to draw this number from MyEROAD to your external sytem.

b. Login

Username -  If your driver is using the Inspect App they will require a username to login. A value for username is automatically populated with a unique value when you toggle the Inspect App setting

Driver PIN - 4 digit unique number to enable drivers to login to the Ehubo2, the EROAD Driver or Inspect applications.

Driver ID & Driver ID Card Number - If your driver uses our Driver ID Hardware technology and use a different ID Card to their Driver's Licence, toggle on and enter the ID of the card your drivers use.

Inspect App - If your driver uses Inspect, toggle on so they can complete their inspections.  


inspect login2










c. Organisation

(Required for reporting) Home Terminal and Groups (Fleets) - click in field to select applicable entry for a specific driver

d. Licenses

 Licence ID numbers are required for drivers to login to an EROAD Driver ID unit.

- Click + ADD A LICENCE to add another licence, and select Primary Licence – this licence will be listed against the driver on the main screen
- Click delete2 to delete a licence.


5. Click ADD or UPDATE, as applicable. New drivers will now be listed on the Driver page.


To delete drivers in MyEROAD:

Deleting a driver from the Driver link or the Administration / Driver menu in MyEROAD.

  1. In MyEROAD, click the Driver link. 

  2. Select the checkbox next to the driver(s) you want to delete. The trash can and a confirmation notice will be displayed.
  3. Click the trash can delete2.
  4. Confirm your selections by clicking DELETE. The driver(s) are removed from the DRIVER tab.