Services, Service Types, Service Plans

Services, Service Types, Service Plans

When scheduling a Service for a vehicle, you assign a Service Type, like an A or B service, by selecting it from the list of Service Types available in MyEROAD.

To satisfy your company’s individual service requirements, you can add custom Service Types to the list.

What's the difference between a Service, a Service Type, and a Service Plan?

A 'service type' is a specific maintenance or repair procedure, like an oil change, or a tire check. It may have one or several checklist items associated with the type: for example, a tire check might also include wheel balancing, cleaning, mudflap checks, etc.

A 'service' is – often – a regulated series of checks, like a vehicle inspection or an A-Service check. But a 'service' can be any scheduled check you create for a vehicle. A service is usually made of one or more service types.

A 'service plan' is a bundle of these scheduled services that you can assign to vehicles in one go. Each service within a plan may trigger at different dates, engine hours or distances.

Service Types

Adding a new Service Type

You can add a new Service Type when scheduling a Service for a vehicle.

To add a new Service Type:

  1. In the Service tab on the left-hand side, click on Service Types.
  2. Add service type. The Add service type screen will appear.
  3. Add the Service Name. You can also choose a Category from the drop list for future referencing.
  4. Enter a description. This information will show on the Asset drawer, available for reference when you complete the service in the future
  5. Add a checklist.
  6. Save.

The Service Type is now available to all Assets and for creating Service Plans.


Service plans

Service plans lists plans that have been created. Click a Service Plan to view its bundled service types and configuration.

To create a service plan:

  1. Create service plan. The service plan form opens, showing requirements for a single service type.
  2. Fill in the required details:
    1. Service Type: Select one of the Service Types created for this plan.
    2. Supplier: The preferred party that should conduct the service type.
    3. Criteria: Distance, Date or Engine hours. The appropriate metrics appear once the criteria is chosen.

      Note: Distance and Engine hour criteria may only be applied to vehicles equipped with an Ehubo/ELD.
      Note: If entering a Distance to schedule a service you may wish to synchronise your odometer reading with your EROAD unit.

    4. Repeat every (optional): The schedule this Service Type should be executed.
      1. Blue +: You may add additional qualifying criteria for the remaining types of criteria. Priority is given to the earliest qualifying criteria.
    5. Description: A short descriptor for internal use. This descriptor is also echoed to the Asset's Drawer when showing the checklist, under a Service card's date-tick icon.
  3. Add another (optional): This adds another set of fields to schedule another service type in this plan.
  4. Save.

The Service plan is ready to be applied.

Applying a Service Plan to a Vehicle

To apply a Service Plan to a vehicle:

  1. Service > Assets / [click an asset's line]. The Asset Drawer opens.
  2. Schedule service. The schedule service page opens.
    1. Load service plan (optional): Select a pre-designed Service Plan from the list. The Service Plan is loaded into the rest of the fields. No further action is needed, unless you wish to alter some details specific to this service.
      Leave this field empty if scheduling an ad hoc service.
  3. See 'To create a Service Plan' above for more details on this form.
  4. Schedule.

The Service Plan is immediately applied to the asset.

Skipping or rescheduling a Service

You can manually skip a scheduled Service at any time.

A or B services are major, regulatory service types, but can be automatically skipped or rescheduled when entering a completed B or C service. Reschedule options will show if applicable.

To Skip a Service manually:

  1. Service > Assets > [select asset]. The Asset Drawer opens.
  2. Either:
    1. Click the appropriate Service card's reveal triangle and Click Complete, or
    2. Click a Service's ... menu and select Complete service.
      The Complete screen will appear.
  3. Click Skip this service.

The service will be skipped. If the service has been setup to reoccur, then another service with the next calculated due date will appear against the vehicle.

Automatic rescheduling of services when completing a B or C service:

  • When completing a C service, the B and A services for this vehicle will be skipped and rescheduled.
  • When completing a B service, the A service for this vehicle will be skipped and rescheduled.
  • Where applicable, Reschedule A Service and Reschedule B Service checkboxes will show.
  • To skip the A and/or B services, make sure the checkboxes are ticked and click Complete.
  • To leave the A and/or B schedules as they are, un-check the reschedule options and click Complete.