RUC screen

Finding your vehicles

  • The vehicles with the least amount of distance left on their Distance Licence are displayed at the top of the screen.
  • If you have a lot of vehicles, paging will appear at the bottom of the list. Click on the arrows to change pages.
  • You can sort the vehicle list by clicking on the column headings.
  • The list can also be limited by using the Fleet Filter at the top of the screen.

Distance reading column icons

Ehubo Vehicle Vehicles with an Ehubo or Tubo installed
Mechanical Hubo Vehicle Vehicles that have a mechanical hubodometer or light vehicles without an EhuboLite
Odometer/Ehubo Lite Vehicle Light vehicles with an EhuboLite installed

Distance Remaining - Licence Status

In the "Rem. KMs" column (remaining distance) traffic lights are displayed to highlight vehicles that are due or coming due for a new licence.

Expired = Expired Licence. Immediate Attention required.
Warning = Nearing end of current licence and no new licence has been purchased.
  = Within current licence. No attention required.

What licences do my vehicles have?

If you click on a vehicle in the RUC screen, current and pending licences display in the right hand panel of the screen.


For example:

  • Vehicle A may be nearing the end of a Distance Licence (Distance Licence 1)
  • The next Distance Licence (Distance Licence 2) for Vehicle A has been purchased
  • An Additional Licence (Additional Licence 1) is currently in use

    If you click on Vehicle A, 3 licences will show in the right hand panel
  1. Distance Licence 2 - Pending
  2. Distance Licence 1 - Current
  3. An Additional Licence 1 - Current

    Once the Additional Licence and current Distance Licence (Distance Licence 1) expire, they will disappear from the RUC screen and only Distance Licence 2 will display (until newer licences are purchased).

Expired licences will only display when no further licences have been purchased for a vehicle. A Red traffic light would display in the "Rem. KMs" column for this vehicle.

Licences for Mechanical Hubodometer Vehicles

Once a mechanical hubodometer vehicle has been added to the system it will display in the RUC screen (location will not be shown on any Mapping screens and no Off-Road reports will be available).


These vehicles will be displayed near the top of the RUC screen until you have purchased a licence throughMyEROAD. From then on, the vehicle will appear near the bottom of the screen (or on following pages if you have a large number of vehicles in the system).


Once you have purchased a licence, print out the PDF RUC licence and display this as you would a RUC licence sticker/label.

Entering Odometer Readings for Ehubo Lite vehicles

Because the registered distance recorder for light vehicles is the vehicle's odometer, MyEROAD must estimate the vehicle's odometer using the installed Ehubo Lite to support ERUC functionality.

  • You can synchronise the distance reading displayed within MyEROAD with your vehicle's odometer reading creating a virtual odometer.
  • Only vehicles and assets with an EhuboLite installed can synchronise the distance reading with their vehicle odometer within the RUC screen.


To enter your vehicle's odometer reading:

  1. Click on the Odometer Reading button Odometer reading in the row for the vehicle you wish to update
  2. The "Synchronise Distance with Odometer Reading" screen will appear:
    • Enter the Odometer reading recently taken from the vehicle
    • Enter the date and time the reading was taken
  3. Click "Update" when finished


The vehicle's odometer should be entered regularly to ensure that the estimate in MyEROAD is accurate to support features such as off-road reporting.