Collision and Rollover Alerts (CaRA)

The EROAD CaRA solution is designed to deliver emergency alerts to you and your designated first responders in the event of a serious collision or rollover incident involving your company vehicle.

The CaRA unit is installed in or on the cab of your fleet vehicle and connected to your Ehubo2. Should the vehicle suffer a colliding force of greater than 4G, and/or tip over more than 60 degrees from horizontal, a message is sent to MyEROAD, and emails are sent to key company stakeholders and first responders.

CaRA assists carriers in complying with jurisdictional safety legislation that makes carriers responsible for managing work-related risks that could cause serious injury or death.


  • The CaRA system does not require any active human operation, other than vehicle ignition.
  • The CaRA system is disabled if Private Mode is engaged on the vehicle.

How the EROAD CaRA Solution Works:

  1. When starting the engine, the CaRA unit is designed to send an automatic signal to MyEROAD. This signal is called the 'heartbeat' which, if received by MyEROAD, indicates the CaRA unit is functioning. If the heartbeat is not received during ignition-on, the customer is automatically notified of the fault through messaging in MyEROAD and EROAD will investigate;     
  2. During the trip, should the vehicle suffer a serious collision or rollover incident, an alert is triggered and sent to MyEROAD;
  3. The company's key contact, such as its fleet manager, receives an alert showing the vehicle’s location and related telematics details;
  4. At the same time, the designated first responder automatically receives that same alert, triggering their response process.


Installation is carried out by accredited or authorised installers and activated by EROAD Technical Support on your behalf.


A CaRA alert is posted as an email to first responders, and appears on your Event screen in MyEROAD

The company and its first responders should have a specific response plan. EROAD can't design a response plan for you: while human life is a constant concern, there are fundamental differences between a carrier of hazardous waste and a carrier of people, for example.

Generic plans might involve redundant steps, which could impact your response speed. Work with your first responder in designing an efficient plan that best serves your drivers' safety and health.

Important information about the EROAD CaRA Solution

  1. The EROAD CaRA Solution does not replace the need for you to ensure emergency services have been contacted directly in the event of a serious collision or rollover incident. It must not be relied on as a life saving device.
  2.  The EROAD CaRA Solution may be unavailable at times due to maintenance, modifications, faults or outages of EROAD services or hardware. The CaRA solution also depends on availability and proper performance of third-party services, systems and networks, such as mobile networks and email services, which are beyond the control of EROAD.
  3. The CaRA system is disabled if Private Mode is active on the vehicle.

For example, the EROAD CaRA Solution will not send an alert if: